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Finding a college roommate can be scary— read our tips to get excited!

As summer comes to an end (😭😭😭), it’s time to start thinking about the start of a new school year. A transition to campus life and a college dorm room means your roommate situation is probably weighing on your mind.

Personally, I have had a tremendous amount of luck surrounding the college roommate process. Before my freshman year began, I was feeling very nervous about living with someone else in such close proximity (I am an only child and have always had my own room). I was intending to go through the traditional roommate process and let myself be paired with someone else based on a survey. However, I had been quite active on the Facebook page created for all incoming first-years. Most of the posts were about finding a roommate but some people just wanted to talk with their new classmates. After quite a lot of contemplation, I decided to post a little bio about myself (not, I told myself, looking for a roommate, just looking for potential new friends)!

To my surprise I met someone I really liked almost immediately. We had a lot in common from the very beginning and after talking for a couple of months (yes! MONTHS) over text and then eventually Skype, we decided to request each other as roommates. To this day (two-and-a-half years later), she is one of my best friends and will continue to be my roommate for all four years of college.

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Now, I will be the first to admit that my story includes an insane amount of luck. I know other people who met through social media and quickly discovered they couldn’t stand each other as roommates. I am incredibly grateful that I am not one of those people and I would love nothing more than to share a couple of tips so that you can also find the very best roommate out there for you!


My biggest take away from the entire situation is H-O-N-E-S-T-Y. Whether you meet over social media, or you are filling out the roommate form created by your university, be honest. Remember, this isn’t a popularity contest and you’re not trying to look or sound like the coolest or healthiest or smartest person in the world. You are trying to find someone whose living style is compatible with yours.


If you do find someone over social media that you are thinking of asking to be your roommate, then this is my biggest recommendation: Skype interview each other and ask each other the questions on the roommate survey created by your school. If, after the interview, you think that your school would likely match you together anyways, that’s your green light! Request away.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the more standard route and allowing the school to find a roommate for you. I have several friends who met their BFF’s through this system, and schools typically do a pretty good job matching people. But if this is your plan and you’re feeling a bit nervous about it–don’t freak out.

Having a roomie that’s not your best friend can actually be a really good thing. If your roommate is your BFF, you’re probably less likely to feel the need to go out and make more friends! This happened to me during my first semester at school and I ended up really regretting not pushing myself to go out more. Secondly, if you and your roommate end up not getting along, you can move! Dorm roommates can be as temporary as you want them to be. Most schools will immediately move you out and into another room if you’re experiencing any difficulties with your roommate.

Going to college is a big deal. You’re moving out, and you’re going to be living with an almost complete stranger. It’s okay to be nervous. But don’t forget to be excited, too!

Tell us your college roommate experiences in the comments! Don’t forget to download Hey! VINA to find other vinas with fun roommate stories to share.

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