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Follow our guide to help set your back to school goals!

I hate to break it to you, but it’s that time of year again. School might feel like a universe away right now, but it’s actually a lot closer than you think. Curious what your zodiac sign says about how you’ll handle the end of summer and the start of a new year of school? Well, here you are:


It is in your nature to prioritize the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones? In this time of transition, it will be particularly important that you put yourself first. It can be challenging at times to remember that in order do your best, you must first take care of you.

As summer ends and school picks up, you will do well to call on that part of you that loves organization. It is always best to go into a new semester or term in the most organized manner as possible, and it will set you up well for the year of hard work ahead.

Remember that you have a tendency towards perfectionism, which is not always a good thing. Keep this in mind, and recognize that your inability to control EVERYTHING is actually very good.

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Because you are the queen of balance, this transition may actually feel quite refreshing to you. Summer is UH MAY ZING. No one is going to argue that. But at the same time, you welcome the change. It will allow for a more stable daily routine, which you appreciate.

You may also find that this transition back to school makes you feel a little anxious. You strongly dislike conflict, and this time of the year is prone to drama— new friends, new relationships, and new schedules can cause of craziness for many. Remember, while you are a natural at keeping the peace, you are not being payed to mediate for anyone. Make sure that you’re taking care of your own responsibilities before you drop everything to be Switzerland.

Your passion for beauty and style will be extra-elevated this season as you make first impressions on teachers and peers. Enjoy your natural ability to dazzle others, but remember that truly it is what’s on the inside that counts. Being kind, generous, and charming (which are all strengths of yours) will ultimately win you more friends and admirers than will your physical appearance.


Your intense and passionate nature means that when you commit to something, you go all out. Here is my challenge to you during this transition, Scorpio: Accept that you cannot control the change of seasons, and instead, make school your project this year. If you go into the semester/term with full force and with a commitment to yourself to perform at your best, then there is no telling how far you could go!

It can be easy for you to become competitive. Remember that the best way for you to perform well is to focus on your own progress and to not make comparisons to others. Once you begin with the comparisons, it can be hard to stop yourself from becoming competitive.

It is easy for you to read people. Use this to your advantage this school year, and make some new friends who you can really vibe with.


Hello adventurer! I hate informing YOU that summer is coming to a close. You are a traveler at heart, and the end of the summer most likely means that you will be resigned to remaining in one location for much longer than you might prefer. I recommend that you make some exciting and adventurous plans for your first couple of weekend breaks. That way, despite the impending school work and stress, you will have some things to look forward to right away.

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You are, however, an optimist. Thus, I trust that you will make the most of this transition no matter what. Use this time to self-reflect a bit on all the spectacular adventures you were able to embark on during the summer. Consider creating a scrapbook or journal, filled with the discoveries you made, photos you took, and little memories you don’t want to forget. Perhaps channeling some of your energy into something creative that’s ABOUT traveling will help you forget that you won’t be off exploring again for little while.


You are a goal-driven person, Capricorn. This probably means that you’re looking forward to the transition into the school year from summer, as it sets you up to make some very clear and straightforward goals for yourself. Remember that the beginning of the school year is an important time to apply yourself, but it is also an important time to make new friends and connections. Don’t let the school work consume you so much that you forget about your social life.

You are extremely loyal, and you make an excellent “rock” for others. Because some people may be feeling a lot stressing about the upcoming school year, remember that, while it is important to be there for other people in your life, taking on too many other people’s anxiety will only cause anxiety in your own life. And if you’re stressing, then no body gets a “rock”. Even rocks need some TLC, so don’t forget to give yourself a little.


Your love of logic and your open-mindedness suggest that you may be very ready for this transition into school. It may be hard to convince yourself that you could ever be ready for the vacation to end, but once you are back into the routine of school, you will find yourself feeling quite content.

The start of a new school year means that others are likely feeling more open-minded than usual. Use this as your motivation to start something new at your school this semester or term. Create a new philanthropic club, or a start a band. The possibilities are endless, but I am confident that you will be able to come up with something fascinating, and because of your timing, others will be quick to jump on board as well!


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You are a dreamer, and this is your time to put some of those dreams into action. The start of the school year can easily feel like the New Years in a lot of ways. Take that to your advantage, and start a project that has existed only in your mind up until now.

Your great ability to empathize is one of your largest gifts. Remember that this ability will attract many people to you, and some of them will try to rely on you too heavily. The beginning of a new year of school means seeing many new faces and meeting many new people. Do your best to discern who is trying to use you as a crutch and who is genuinely looking for friendship. Empathy needs to go both ways for a relationship to work out.

Your great imagination is a strong suit for sure, but sometimes it can be a little bit distracting. Try to find yourself a good study partner who can keep you on track when you start to daydream a bit.


You are a stubborn ram, Aries, and realizing that the summer is coming to an end could easily be the worst thing ever! You would do anything to simply dig your heals in and happily stay in the hottest months of the year for eternity. However, I’m confident you can use your ram-like tendencies in a more productive manner.

Once you become willing to accept the change, you can go foreward more determinedly than anyone else. You can’t stop the change of seasons, so you should probably take this approach to the new school year.

Remember that your confidence is contagious. And while you are blessed with being confident most of the time, others are not. So don’t be surprised to learn that people find you extremely charismatic. If you give them a confidence boost, they won’t stop coming back for more! Enjoy the attention and popularity, and feel good knowing that you’re making others feel good.



You have an amazing ability to make thought-out decisions about what is worth your time and energy. When you decide that something is worth it, you give it your all. Use this to your advantage during the new school year. You will be meeting a lot of new people and have a lot of opportunities that you can take advantage of. Give yourself the time you need to pick and choose wisely which people and activities to invest your time in. Then, trust your gut and give them your all!

You are quite methodical about how you get your work done, which is a very good skill. But remember that a little spontaneity is not a bad thing. Let yourself have some fun, even if that means doubling up on your work load for a couple of days to make room for something exciting!



The school year means you are about to be meeting some new people and seeing some new faces! You, Gemini, are a very social being, and you love the idea of having a BFF. Whether or not this person already exists in your life, take advantage of the new social scene to create some new bonds. You never know, you could meet your soul sister!

Your love of words and conversation is by no means a bad thing. But beware of becoming a gossip. You have many other more important things to be discussing than other people. This can be particularly challenging when thrown back into the social life at school, but you will always be better off avoiding the gossip.

Distractions are your downfall. So take it upon yourself this school year to create a distraction-free zone for yourself. Look for a new nook in your library where you can put on the headphones and concentrate solely on school work. Or perhaps shift the theme of your room to help you focus more and eliminate things that will encourage procrastination.


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Cancer! Your birthday month has just passed and you may be feeling a little low about the prospect of summer ending. Remember that just because most people are still feeling high off of the summer vacay doesn’t mean that your feelings aren’t completely normal.

You tend to cling to comforts and feel the very best when you have all of your favorite people and things in one space together. Summer coming to an end may thus be a very good thing for you because it means everyone will come back to the same home base. Enjoy this time of reconnection.

Feelings of nostalgia may also be at an all-time high right now. Nostalgia for past school years, old friend groups, and summer is perfectly understandable, and confiding in someone else will probably make you feel a whole lot better.

LEO ♌️✨

You are a wonderfully flamboyant being. You have no trouble being yourself and showing others how to do the same. This is a spectacular talent that you should not let diminish as you go into a new school year. People love to be surrounded by this type of pure energy, and it inspires them to be themselves as well. Some people find this to be particularly challenging during a transitional period like going back to school, so any reminder that you can give them to be themselves will be much appreciated.

One of your greatest downfalls is sloppiness. Of all times, this is one of the most important that you focus on your organization. Don’t let that sloppy nature come out during the beginning of a school year. It will set you up poorly for the semester/term. If you pay special attention to this flaw however, you should have no problem keeping on top of things.

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