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These tips will save you from the super-hard transition from vacation to the real world

Going back to school and work after a long summer of flip flops, sun and zero stress can seem like the worst thing ever, and sometimes the transition can be hard. These five preparation tips might actually save your life…or at least make it bearable.

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Who doesn’t love going to their favorite coffee shop on the way to work and grabbing a quick cup of joe? After all, its only three dollars! Until you decide you want a latte, but you have to add vanilla, and don’t forget to substitute soy milk! It’s like a magic trick, watching three dollars turn into five before your very eyes.  Five dollars a day, seven days a week, means $140 a month and $1,680 a year on coffee. So, the first life hack is invest in a coffee maker or cold brew maker to save plastic and money!


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Invest in a quality water bottle/thermos container that keeps drinks cold and hot.  Perfect to keep your (homemade) coffee hot in the morning. Then, fill it up with cold water (that will stay cold) for the rest of the day! Hydration is key in long work or school days, and keeping a bottle with you constantly will keep you energized and high-functioning throughout the whole day. Plus, it’s better for the environment.


There is nothing worse than getting out of your car and realizing you forgot deodorant. Knowing you’re probably going to smell all day and there’s nothing you can do about it.   The next trick to prepare yourself for the busy school/work life is to make a car kit!  Buy a cute box or container to keep in the trunk of your car, and fill it with the essentials like deodorant, kleenex, band-aids, hair ties, tampons, extra contacts/glasses (if you’re blind like me), water bottle, etc. No matter what you forget as you rush out the front door, your car kit will save you in your moment of need!


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You can never be too organized. Plum Paper allows you to create a personalized planner to satisfy your every OCD need.  From picking the pattern and color scheme to designing the week by week and day by day layout, you can tailor it based on how your brain works.  It’s good to make space for both your personal and professional life!


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Whether you love or hate being alone, when you live with roommates who all have completely different schedules, there might not be much overlap between you.  Invest in a house or apartment calendar whiteboard to know when you will have time to yourself or time to hang out with each other! Finding free time in your schedule to have family dinners or movie nights is an awesome way to take a break from school and work!

What are your ideas for lessening the pain during the vacation to work transition? Don’t forget to download Hey! VINA if you need a friend to help get you through those tricky days!

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