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Get ready to turn your tiny space into a homey haven!

It’s the thought on everyone’s mind in the months leading up to your first year at college: How will I turn a tiny room that I will share with a complete stranger into a comfortable, deceivingly-large, aesthetically-pleasing home? Your dorm room is where you will spend a lot of time— you’ll sleep there, study there, and at times eat there. It’s important that it is homey, and that you don’t feel like you’re a sardine packed in a can. Read on for a few tips to make your dorm space a little spacier, and a little cuter, too.


Step one is packing, of course. Make sure to remember, when you’re deliberating over what clothing items to bring, what books to tote with you, and how many pillows you will need, that you should only bring what you will really use. Debating whether or not to bring the blue sweater at the bottom of your drawer? Give it a week and see if you wear it— if you don’t, it doesn’t need to come to college with you. Keep in mind that for every item you bring, more space is lost in your already minuscule dorm room.


Photo provided by Charlotte Armstrong

It’s natural to want to cover those blank, glaring walls with something more your style, which is why a lot of people hang photos or tapestries on them. But don’t be afraid to make something yourself! This will only make your room feel homier and more you. This year, I decided to try something new and crochet a rainbow for my wall. I got the idea from my favorite Instagram account, @madebylondon. I went out and bought my yarn and needle and managed to make a pretty good rainbow, which I’m very excited to hang on my wall! Another DIY idea is a nifty cord organizer, which separates and labels your cords for you. No tripping over cords or wasting time wondering which charger is which!

Via The Idea Room


Containers are your saviors when it comes to dorm rooms. Leave no container unturned when hunting for the perfect laundry basket, storage bins for clothes, shower caddies, etc. For my freshman dorm room, I had a hanging beside caddy which hung off the side of my lofted bed. I kept chargers, books, my laptop, and more in it. This would be very useful for anyone who’ll be spending their freshman year in a bunk bed, because you’re up too high for a bedside table! Whether your bed is elevated or not, tables take up room. There’s no need for one if you have a hanging storage container! I also had a collapsable box with compartments, in which I kept all my cosmetics, soaps, toothbrushes, and more. I had bins under my bed with for clothes, and my friend had a hanging shoe caddy for all her shoes, which cleared up a lot of space on her floor.


Via Alibaba

The best thing you can do for a spacious, tidy room is to keep it organized. If you keep your hairbrush in a certain drawer, put it back in that drawer when you’re done with it. If you take off your jacket when you come in your room, hang it up in your closet instead of throwing it over the back of a chair. If you open ten different books on your desk, while studying, clean them up when you’re done. Your room doesn’t need to be spotless, but it will be nicer to spend time in it when it’s relatively neat!


Tell us in the comments some of your freshman dorm ideas, and don’t forget to download Hey! VINA if you want to DIY your decorations together! 

(Featured image via Havenly)


  1. These are great tips! I’d have to say the biggest thing I learned when I moved to college would be to not bring too many things. You’ll go out with friends and buy clothes, decor, or other things, as well as taking plenty of new photos!


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