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4 reasons we just can't stop watching.

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. That is what is being served weekly on this superior reality show competition. The legendary RuPaul (who basically popularized the world of drag for millions of people) hosts this amazing showcase of performance artistry. It’s the most entertaining talent competition I have ever watched. If you want singing, dancing, acting, fashion design, makeup, and the very best drag queens, you’ve come to the right place. Get your life, hunty!

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Soooo many of the phrases we use on social media originate from this show. “Throwing shade” (casting of aspersions)? “Come through” (an exciting exclamation)? “Busted” (ugly)? All from RPDG. These queens are just as original as they are sassy, and I wouldn’t change a single TV minute of it.

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The library is open! Reading is a staple component of RPDG, which consists of the girls pointing out each others’ flaws, either directly or indirectly. Vinas, some of the best moments from the show come from the queens critiquing each other. The drama and tensions run high, but so does the creativity, which results from trying to be the best to beat the opponent.

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Not only is this show entertaining, it serves facts on drag and LGBT culture and history. Drag is a pillar of the LGBT movement; I’ve learned a lot about drag icons and their challenges, as well as the queens themselves. They challenge gender norms and incorporate the culture into their outfits and makeup; it’s amazing and educational!


RuPaul says, “As drag queens, we get to choose our family.” Each queen that competes on the show is amazing in her own right, but the support between the girls is one of the primary reasons I watch. Even though it mostly seems like love/hate relationships between the contestants, as a viewer, you can feel the love and respect the contestants have for each other. RuPaul’s Drag Race still bringing families together!

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Download¬†Hey! VINA on the App Store and find a vina to have viewing parties with. And remember vinas, if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else!

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