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Everything I learned about friendship, I learned at college.

As I anxiously await the beginning of my senior year of college, I have been almost forced to reminisce on my friendships over the past four years.  I have met so many different types of people in so many different situations that I will be forever grateful for. College has, in a lot of ways, felt like majoring in Friendship 101. Through the trials and tribulations, I’ve learned it all.

From kindergarten to 8th grade graduation, all of my friends were the same and our little circle of eight to nine women never really grew much bigger.  There aren’t many chances to meet new people when you’re 11 and can’t drive, so I got used to the same people and the same types of people.  However, I went to a different high school than all my friends (one of my best decisions ever), and a different college than all my friends (second best decision ever).  Freshman year of college I knew no one, and I loved it.

College taught me that not all of your friends are going to be life-long friends and that’s okay.  I had this notion when I was younger that all of my friends were supposed to stick with me until I die because that was just how friendships were supposed to be.  In college, you might be friends with someone during one quarter, but not the next.  This is normal and totally okay.  Not all people were meant to be in your life forever, but instead they will help you grow, learn, and get closer to where you need to be.


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College also taught me that it is completely okay to break-up with a friend.  In high school, this idea would be super taboo and create a butt-load of drama, but in college, it’s encouraged.  I put up with a horrible friend for three years because I didn’t think I could end the friendship. College is not only about finding yourself, but figuring out the kinds of people you want to be friends with, and if someone isn’t the kind of person you want to be around, you don’t have to be around them.


Who knows where my friends are when I’ve completed college.  Maybe we’ll keep in touch or maybe we’ll go a couple years without seeing each other.  All I know is that college has given me so many beautiful friends, and lessons to go along with them, to last a lifetime.  Each friendship has taught me something new about life, and about who I am.

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Has college taught you similar experiences as mine? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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