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Confidence radiates from within, and it comes across even better than physical beauty.

Everyone always says that “confidence is key,” and it has become pretty much engrained into our minds. Although, we all know gaining confidence when you have little (or none) is one of the hardest things to do. Like myself, it is a challenge we are faced with everyday.  But here’s why we should put our confidence issues aside and own our bodies– as well as their gifts and imperfections.

  1. You are super unique (no matter how basic you may sometimes feel).
  2. Your confidence can be seen from miles away and you’ll automatically feel more attractive when your confidence radiates.
  3. You are too good to worry about what others may be thinking about you.
  4. You are loved.
  5. Others will more readily believe in you if you believe in yourself.
  6. Along with confidence, comes a sense of drive that will make you test your limits, which is never a bad thing.
  7. More confidence means the haters will affect you less.
  8. You are worthy no matter what your social status or Instagram followers amounts to.
  9. Beauty matters less and less everyday in this new wave of feminism.
  10. But… you are, in fact, beautiful.
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Now, if you are one of us who lacks the right amount of confidence to truly succeed in life, at least you know have some tips on how to gain it! Confidence is like a sport, you can learn it and practice it; and with practice comes perfection, and with perfection comes even more confidence! Now go look your mirror right in the face (your face) and tell yourself some of these affirmations. Remind that vina staring back at you that you’re one of a kind and no one can take that away from you. Don’t let the world (or your own brain) tear you down. Life’s too short.

Comment below if you have any other good tips on how to boost self-confidence and then download the Hey! VINA app to meet some friends near you.

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  1. Confidence really is just a question of batting practice– remember too that the person in the room with the loudest mouth is not necessarily the smartest.
    There is always someone who is richer, prettier, sometimes smarter than you are – but are they kinder than you?
    I feel confident in just knowing that I am a good friend- a rare commodity in our virtual world.


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