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Hey, girl, hey... it's the VINA Manifesto!

Hey vinas!

Today is “National Girlfriends Day” over here in the USA, but I want to shout out to ALL of you millions of friends of vina all around the world in celebration of women’s friendship! I believe that not only are we in the midst of an empowerment revolution for women, but we are also in a revolution of friendship and sisterhood. Science and common sense shows us that when we come together, we are better as individuals, and the whole dang world is better.

There’s a special bond between two women friends. One of empathy. One of admiration. And one of forgiveness. Did you ever watch the show “Big Little Lies”? [Spoiler alert] Nothing resonated with me more than a story of women with so many differences bonded by a desire to protect one another.

Here’s the thing, none of us are born knowing how to be an awesome friend. If anything, we’re shown a million ways to defend ourselves at the expense of one another, ways for us to compete, tear each other down, talk shit, and generally be less than awesome…mostly in effort to protect ourselves. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care about ending this BS, and if you weren’t dedicated to being an awesome friend to someone.

So, on this Girlfriend’s Day, I give you the VINA Manifesto. The mantras that make up this friendship manifesto are a mix of age old wisdom, knowledge acquired from my years of studying social psychology, and some first-hand learnings in building great friendships. 

Friendships have always been complex to navigate as we change and grow throughout our lives. Use the VINA Manifesto as a guide to create the sisterhood you want and need…wherever you are in your life or in the world. 

Olivia June
VINA Founder & CEO

P.S. Did you know that “vina” means girl friend in Icelandic? Read the story behind our name! 

manifesto web file

P.P.S. You can buy a VINA Manifesto poster to hang in your home/locker/office in our VINA Shop! They also make a great gift for those girlfriends you want to appreciate. 

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