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Did someone say mercury retrograde? 😣

Okay don’t freak out, but mercury retrograde and two eclipses miiiiiiight make for a pretty dramatic month. What else is in store for August? Read on to find out!



The interests of others will occupy your attention this month, Aries. You might need to help a friend move, deal with a vina’s break-up drama, or even help your grandma figure out her new iPhone. But it’ll all be worth it – your career may be furthered with the help of said friends, too! Network, network, network, and by the end of the month who knows where you’ll be?



August is all about powering through, Taurus. Flexibility is going to be super important – don’t let stubbornness negatively affect your relationships! Mercury won’t make this easy, but we know you’ve got it! By the end of the month, your flexibility and openness might lead you to a new good friend.



You might be the only vinas who will actually benefit from mercury retrograde – the phenomenon will improve your communication skills and make getting along with your friends so much easier this month! Take advantage and use this as a time to get something off your chest!



It might be hard to believe quiet Cancers, but August is going to a month full of lively partying for you! Enjoy those Labor Day BBQ’s and end-of-summer bashes. Live it up! Your friends might be shocked at this new social butterfly that has emerged, but they’re gonna LOVE it.



It’s YOUR month Leos, and we know you’re ready to live it up! This month, you’ll want to indulge in all things fancy, extravagant, and pleasurable. Treat yo’ self! Saturn might try to restrain your lavish ways, but you’ll still get plenty of decadence in this month. Your friendships will blossom, and one friend might even lead you to a new career opportunity!



August is all about balance, Virgos. You might have to delicately balance your career, family, and relationships this month. But luckily Mercury will provide you with the extra boost of energy you need! You’ll also attract a new friend with that signature charm of yours.



Jupiter and Venus are going to make this an AMAZING month for you, Libras. You’re so on fire, all of your friends will be vying for your attention. You’re going to need to decide how to budget your time without burning out!



August is all about networking for Scorpios. Your career and enterprise are at the forefront this month. This is the month to go to ALL the networking events, or maybe even get your side hustle off the ground. Go in on your hustle with a friend for ultimate success!



Are you traveling this month Sagittarius? Your horoscope predicts you’ll meet an exciting new friend while on a trip. Nothing booked? Maybe it’s time to look at airfare! ✈️



If you want to succeed this month, Caps, you gotta combine self-sufficiency with compromise. You might need to compromise with a friend to make both of you happy, and that’s okay! Your independent ways will keep you afloat.



August is a little chaotic for you, Aquarius! Your family is going to want to meddle in your friendships and relationships, money might be a little tight (thanks Mercury πŸ˜“),Β and your health might not be in tip-top shape. The GOOD news though is that you’re going to channel all of this chaos into something creative and amazing. Try a new craft with a friend and see what you can create!



August is full of surprises for you Pisces! A friend might introduce you to very important career contact. So don’t be a afraid to network! Your family will also take an interest in a surprising friend, but embrace it! Someone your mom likes is bound to be a good one!

Happy August friends! Mercury luckily won’t screw us all, but if you find yourself flailing, remember you always have friends to turn to!

(Feature illustration by Emma Olswing, all other illustrations by Amber Renee)

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