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A quiet, friendly, "tall tree" of a suburb with many activities in store for you and your vina.

Though it’s the home of James Franco, Jeremy Lin, the late Steve Jobs, The Donnas, and a plethora of Silicon Valley techies, Palo Alto is known for more than its people! For those living outside of the city and in the burbs, PA is the perfect place for a first vina date!

I was born and raised in this hot summer city away from the bustling San Francisco vibes, so I know a few secret suburbia tips for cheap food and nature spots– which are some of the reasons why going on a vina date here is fun and exciting!


If you know me, you know that I love hanging out in nature! If you and your vina love to drive and don’t get carsick on windy roads, this is an escapism adventure for the car! Foothills Park is located in the back hills of Palo Alto and requires a twenty-minute drive from downtown Palo Alto. When you make it to the lake, chill on the dock, and all the vibes will fall into place. Picnics are a great first vina date idea, and so is hiking– the opportunities to hike in Palo Alto are endless. Next, hike up the hill to see the sunset for some great photo opps!

Honorable Mention: Lake Lagunita is a dried-up lake in the middle of Stanford University. It’s a perfect place to bring some brews or take-out. Sometimes, there are benches there to sit on– another great photo opp!

via Palo Alto Online


From Macy’s, to Bloomingdales, to Urban Outfitters, to Lululemon Athletica, Stanford Shopping Center is a massive delight if you and your new vina love shopping. New restaurants and comfy couches have been added all around the beautiful place, so you can stay refreshed and stretch your legs!


via This Room Became a Hill

Rose and Crown is a popular bar in downtown Palo Alto where a lot of Stanford students and tech bros frequent. It’s a great vina spot for eye-candy smizing, and hanging out a while will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Belgium or Germany, what with all the foreign, colorful beer flags.

Another fun bar to check out: Antonio’s Nut House


Palo Alto is known for its spike of high end restaurants in the last year or two, but there are some affordable eats to be found if you look at the hole-in-the-wall places. If you and your vina love trying new foods, downtown Palo Alto is a great place to start. After that, make your way to California Avenue, where the local farmers market is held on Sundays. Check out my favorite go-to’s!

Vegan: Garden Fresh Vegetarian cuisine
Sushi: Jin Sho, Sushiritto
Late night munchies: Pizza My Heart
Fine steak dining: Fleming’s
Brunch: Joanie’s Cafe
Coffee fix: Coupa Cafe
Tacos: Taqueria El Grullense
Tikki masala: Darbar Indian Cuisine

Best of luck to all the vina dates that take place in the wonderful PA! Don’t let the weird tech vibes scare you– think of my town as a small, quiet, and relaxing suburb away from the large, crazy city.

Download the HEY! Vina app to meet new friends and show them how it’s done in PA (as if you’re a local!)

(Featured Image via Palo Alto Pulse).


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