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A trip you'll never forget (as long as you follow these tips)!
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I have been wine tasting four times and live an hour away from Napa, so obviously I am now a wine expert and qualified to share my insight with my vinas! Wine tasting is one of the most fun activities you can do with your friends, significant others, and parents (yes, my mom is my best friend; see photo on the right). It’s the best of both worlds (education and alcohol), and it’s the perfect excuse to drink: you’re learning about viticulture! Without further ado, here are my tips for getting the most out of your wine tasting adventure (without overdoing it):


This should be obvious, but it can get really hot in wine country, so make sure you are drinking enough water! It also protects from a horrible hangover later on. I can personally attest to the fact that the combination of delicious wine and strong AF sun is not your friend.


Most people at wine tasting do want to try the wine, so if one of your friends is driving, make sure that they do not drink more than one glass, or that they are spitting it out (which is totally normal; wineries actually encourage this). Otherwise, rent a party bus/limo and keep the fun going in-between stops!


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Aim for 2, possibly 3, wineries per day. Check out the reviews beforehand, and pick out your favorite places. Most wineries let you taste six or so wines starting from fifteen dollars. The staff sometimes pours large amounts, and in the U.S., our wines are typically higher in alcohol content than in Europe. You don’t need to go to a bunch of different wineries to get the authentic wine tasting experience. You can feel classy and go to high-quality wineries, but don’t get in over your head!



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The food at wineries is essentially as delicious as is the wine, and it’s just as important when you are day-drinking. I recommend eating a big lunch beforehand, so you have some nutrients in you during your tasting. Remember to book a reservation ahead of time, as highly rated restaurants near wineries fill up on the weekends during the wine tasting season.




Give yourself a day after wine tasting to recover (you’re going to need it). Hang out by the pool, or book some spa treatments to complete the trip.

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Have fun wine tasting vinas! Join the Happy Hour community on our app to find some vino lovers to go with you, here.

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