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Gal Gadot is a model, actress, soldier, mother; what more could we want?

Want to feel empowered this summer? Wonder Woman is a must see. With a spin on the classic comic book character, this feminist icon created by Charles Marston in 1941, has only gotten more kick-ass in the twenty-first century.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 4.24.08 PM
Gadot and director, Patty Jenkins

Every vina that I have spoken to who has seen Wonder Woman raves about how strong and powerful they felt when leaving the theater. Ordered to stay away from Earth, Diana (aka Wonder Woman) disobeys her queen in order to save mankind from supremacy, war, and overall injustice. All of which couldn’t feel more relevant in today’s political and social climate. And the gal (see what I did there?) who portrays this amazonian princess is a great role model IRL as well.

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress/model, and her resume and character define female empowerment. Standing at five foot ten, she herself is practically an amazon. At the age of eighteen, she was crowned Miss Israel. Then just two years later, she served as a combat trainer in the Israeli army.

She gained popularity in the movie business when she earned a role in one of the Fast & Furious movies (which she maintained in the following two films). In her role as Gisele, to many, she represents a sort of sex symbol. I have heard people assert that they will not see Wonder Woman because they feel that Gadot cannot properly portray such a strong woman, as her reputation is too befuddled by her other “sexier” roles.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 4.25.44 PM
Pregnant Gadot and her husband

I disagree so strongly with this sentiment. First of all, Wonder Woman herself has, historically, represented a symbol for the ultimate sexy woman. And since when is it acceptable or feminist to shame physical expression? This is a modern world in which feminism encompasses all beauty, in all people who identify as female. We should celebrate all the different kinds of sexy and keep in mind that we are all beautiful in our own way. So, I do not think it is possible for Gadot’s reputation to be too muddled; she is the absolute perfect woman to fill this role.

To top it all off, she’s a mother of two! She was actually five months pregnant while filming Wonder Woman. She felt compelled to hide her pregnancy while filming for fear of anyone’s conduct with her being altered. She didn’t want people babying her because she had a baby in her. She knew her limit, and she took care of herself well.

Gadot and her character Diana are encouraging girls (of all ages) around the world to be proud of themselves, to fight for love, for their values and for other women.

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? Comment below, and tell us what you loved most about it. If you haven’t seen it, download the Hey! VINA app to find a friend to see it with you. 

(Feature image via Marie Claire, all other images via @gal_gadot)



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