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All of us are beautiful and we should't be afraid of a couple wrinkles!

No matter how young, it seems as though everyone is afraid of aging. Starting at about twenty years old– and in some cases, even younger– we vinas start doing everything in our power to look as young as possible for as long as possible. And that’s totally okay! Staying out of the sun or wearing SPF is taking care of your body and preventing all sorts of evil things (not just wrinkles). Skincare cremes, serums, and masks that are retinol rich, gorged with glycol, or chock-ful of cellifirm will do wonders for your skin and taking care to keep your skin plump and healthy will do no harm.

However, when those creases do begin to appear on your forehead, and when those cute chubby cheeks start to succumb to gravity, or when your friends start pointing out your sprouting grey hairs… fear not! Accept them, embrace them, learn to love them. We all know by now that confidence is the key to looking great! Here are a few things you can do to either love the inevitable effects of aging, or keep them hidden for a little while longer. How to age gracefully, sans botox.


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It’s the first rule for the aging Parisienne. Find your favorite celebrity style, i.e. Bridget Bardeaux, Zooey Deschanel, Anne Hathaway (circa The Devil Wears Prada); either, do it yourself or head to the salon. Bangs automatically take ten years off of your life (in appearance, not in actuality). Take my aunt for example; she is not old by any means (almost thirty-eight) and she recently cut her bangs. Best decision ever! They hide the grey hairs that have been settling in her hairline for the last seven years or so. With bangs, it is safe to leave the house with just a simple blow-dry to the bangs (no other prep necessary) because your hair now has a definable “style,” and the bangs are so blunt that they have a way of distracting the world from the rest of your face. Not to mention the veil it has created for all the forehead and eye wrinkles that you may not be all that excited about.


Joan Didion via Vogue

With grey hair being so trendy within the millennial crowd throughout last few years, going grey has become more and more “acceptable.” In fact, many women are excited about going grey because it looks so cool. My grandma has been coloring her hair for at least fifteen years, and she finally feels inspired to grow out her natural color. And the best part, everyone’s grey is different! Some tend to lean more towards silver, some peppery, and some almost bleach blonde. You will simultaneously look both edgier and more elegant!



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In Native American culture, age symbolizes experience and wisdom. We regard our elders as dignified and wise, but at a certain point that stops. Because we fear death so greatly, we try to ignore signs of aging in others and consequently ignore them. This is so wrong! The people in our lives with the most wrinkles are the ones with the most to share with us! Wrinkles do not mean certain death; they are beautiful because they represent a long and full life. Especially in American society, we spend way to much time, money, and emotional energy on botox, chemical peels, and la prairie!

The other day, I saw a woman covered in both tattoos and wrinkles, and she looked awesome! She was struttin’-her-stuff in shorts and a tank top, and couldn’t be more confident in her skin. I now idolize this stranger, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget her.


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Another tactic to distract the world (and yourself) from fixating on your physical appearance is to refocus the attention to your clothes. Wardrobe can be the everyday form of our inner selves. Today I was feeling frilly, so I wore my pink “shower curtain” shirt and some heels. Tomorrow I’ll probably feel lazy (working from home) so I’ll wear comfy pajamas. Some of the most fashionable women on the Internet right now are upwards of sixty. So wear that kaftan with a kitten heal and some Céline sunglasses; add as many accessories as Iris Apfel would; buy that outfit that your husband or adult child told you is too crazy. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become Instagram famous.

Love the body you’re in; never stop wearing a bikini to the beach and do not go under the knife (or botox needle) unless you really want to. No matter what our society may try to lead you to believe, age is a beautiful fact of life, so don’t fight it. That body that you live in has been through a lot, and there is no reason to hide that. And if all else fails, gain a little weight and watch the wrinkles dissipate as your face gets a little rounder.

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