From dreaming about money to marriage, we have answers for you!
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Last night I had a dream that I was being chased in my old high school by someone I haven’t talk to in YEARS. While it could just be some weird thought in the back of my mind, it could also really mean something. There are a ton of studies on dream meanings and how they can relate to your everyday life so here are a few ideas of what your own dreams are telling about your relationships.


This is the most common theme to happen in our dreams. When we’re being chased, it’s our inner anxieties telling us that we are trying to get away from something. This may be a permanent change or just a break that we are looking for, but this is your mind telling you that something in your life is definitely stressing you out. A lot of the time, this relates to relationships and stressful times involved with them. Is it time for a break? Or maybe a weekend getaway? How about both?


This isn’t as scary as it sounds, I promise! Dreaming about death can also be a good thing. While sometimes it can stand for a loss in your life, this could also mean a new beginning. Do you have a friendship or partner that you’re bringing into your life? This could mean a fresh start with a fresh face. Come on new besties!


This is the literal meaning of marriage.  Someone is ready to get hitched and that someone is you!  So what if your dream was about you and Chris Hemsworth? You can’t knock someone for staying committed, right?


Bills on bills via Make Money Your Way

Money stands for self worth. If your dream with money involves another particular person, then this could be your dreams telling you that they are worthy of your time.  Give that hottie you’ve been texting with a call if they’re handing over some bills in your dream. It could mean that they’re the right one for you.


Alright, I know what you’re thinking.  But being nude in your dreams is you showing vulnerability! This is your dreams way of showing off your true self and the people there with you are your true pals. While it may be slightly awkward going topless in front of your bestie in your dream, this could be the ultimate sign that they have your trust!


You’re in a room and suddenly the door won’t open. Instant panic sets in even when you’re dreaming. This is the same reaction I have when I have to make a tough decision in my relationships. I might not always be up for the task and I definitely feel the pressure. This is your dreams way of telling you that you’re having a hard time making the right choice. The person you’ve been seeing is great, but maybe not for you? Don’t feel trapped into playing it out. Break it off and think of your own happiness!

There are countless meanings behind your dreams but many of them can tie in with our daily relationships.  While a dream may seem innocent, it could really be trying to tell you something that could be of use.  What are your dreams telling you, vina?  Let us know down below!

(Featured Image via Dream Catcher Collective Australia)

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