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Advice for why all vinas should adopt a cuddly friend.

I have simple advice for anyone who is in a slump: get off your couch, head to the nearest shelter, and adopt a cat.

Seriously. Go adopt a cat! I mean, really… who doesn’t love a kitty? Not only are they cute and cuddly, they are scientifically proven to make life better.

Before I dive into the scientific facts, I have to share my story. When I was 23 and going through some things many 23 year-old women go through, I found myself lost and lonely. One very cold February afternoon, I was leaving my apartment to go to study and was greeted by a very handsome kitty– a Siamese-mix, to be exact. He scurried up to me and wouldn’t leave my side, so we walked to the leasing office together. To make a long story short– he became mine. My apartment complex was sweet enough to let me keep him without paying a deposit or pet rent (thankfully because hellooo, broke college student over here). He was too gorgeous to leave alone, so on that frigid February day, I wound up becoming a cat mom. Eleven years later, I still have my little fur baby (even though they tell me he’s a senior kitty now). Life wouldn’t be the same without him. His personality certainly keeps us on our toes! As do the snuggles. I simply can’t get enough.

If my story isn’t reason enough to get a cat, listen to the experts! Here are some of my favorite reasons why you should own a cat, according to science:


Cats are perfect cuddling companions. Via Pinterest

I mean, I may be biased, but I definitely agree with this. Researchers at the University of Bristol in the UK found intellectuals tended to be cat owners, as reported by The Telegraph. Though having a cat may not lead to a smarter owner, those who are intellectually bright tend to own cats. Because they require much less attention than dogs, cat-owners have more time to focus on their work or studies.


Cats are excellent companions. TIME reported that “research to be published in the journal Behavioural Processes” proved that having a cat around is very similar to having a relationship. Cats remember your kindness and return the favor (albeit in the form of cuddles, but who doesn’t love that?).


Owning a pet (no matter cat or dog) can keep your heart happy and healthy, but owning a cat leads to lower stress and less anxiety. As reported by Medical News Today, A study conducted at the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute over the course of a decade found that cat owners are less likely to succumb to strokes or heart attacks by thirty percent – that’s reason enough to get to your local shelter and find a pretty kitty to keep you company!


Cats are a great option for those looking to live a greener life. Via Pinterest

Owning a cat leaves a smaller carbon footprint, compared to dogs. Cats tend to eat a lot less than a dog does over the course of their lives and produce a carbon footprint close to that of a Volkswagon Golf, according to a New Zealand study conducted by authors Robert and Brenda Vale in 2003, as reported by The Seattle Times. If you’re eco-friendly, a kitty might be the perfect pet for you.

Do you own a cat? If so, how does that precious little kitty make your life better? Share with us in the comments! And make sure to download Hey! VINA

(Featured Image via Pinterest)

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