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Looking for a daytime activity with your vina? Look no further!

Ladies, let’s face it. There’s nothing more nerve wracking than meeting someone for the first time. Whether its someone you’ve been conversing with on a dating app for a few weeks or a newfound Internet friend who shares a common interest in Game of Thrones (#TeamDanyForLife), making a great first impression is always in the back of your mind.

Lucky for us vinas, we can download the Hey! VINA app and take our personality quizzes, so potential VFLs (vina for life) can get a feel for what we enjoy. But what happens when we and our vinas first decide to meet up? Keep reading for fun daytime vina date ideas!


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An obvious option adored by many, brunch is a go-to daytime date for vinas in any city. Whether you’re a brunch aficionado who frequents all of the hot spots in town or you prefer a more low-key, laid-back atmosphere, bonding over brunch gives you the opportunity to learn more about your newfound friend over delicious mimosas or rosé.


If you and your Vina are into the arts, sciences or history, then a visit to the museum is right up your alley. Not only will you spend hours on end walking through exhibits and learning interesting facts, museums often provide opportunity for inspiration and allow you to expand your knowledge on subjects of interest.  Who knows, your vina might be the next Frida Kahlo in the making! 😉


Via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love being pampered? There’s nothing like getting a fresh mani or pedi with great conversation to match. A spa day isn’t limited to just nails and feet; you can also get massages and facials. If you’re in a DIY mood, take it a step further and create facial concoctions from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget the bottle of wine!


Malls are fun and give you lots of variety, but thrifting brings a different shopping experience to the table: it allows you to learn more about your vina’s personality through fashion. She might have a mild obsession with the 80s if she gravitates towards vibrant printed shirts or she might be the type to go for a more classic look with a modern twist. This also gives you an excuse to play dress up; who could say no to that?!

Let us know how your daytime date with your vina went in the comments below!

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