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6 tips for traveling on a a budget.

I always see memes talking about vinas who want to travel the world, but their bank account would say otherwise, and this is so beyond relatable.  I love to travel but I also love being able to pay my rent.  So, why not figure out a way to do both? Here’s a list of some easy ways to travel while you’re on a budget this summer.

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Grab your besties and plan a group trip.  Group trips can save tons of money; by splitting the costs or getting lower rates, you save every time (and the more people that you have, the more you can save).  Besides, traveling with your friends is always more fun!



You can rent a whole house for a week that is half the price of most luxury hotels. The atmosphere is usually more comfortable and you get to hang without the burden of noise complaints and room charges after a night of fun. Some hosts have even built separate little houses on their property, specifically to house Airbnb travelers. In cases like these, you may be able to use the host as a sort of travel guide or partying companion.


Pack some snacks for a plane ride.  Airport food is way overpriced and honestly, not very good.  While you are not able to bring liquids past security, packaged snacks are totally okay! Stick them in your carry on for the ride/layovers.

If you’re driving to your destination, and you know you’ll have access to a kitchen, bring some full on meals. Eating “at home” a couple nights, or making sandwiches for lunch will save buku bucks.


Budgeting your daily spending before you even leave home will prevent overspending. You know that if you tell yourself “I’ll only spend 1/3 of my bank account this week,” you’re bound to overdraw. However, if you allot yourself that 1/3 on a prepaid visa, you don’t really have access to anything extra. If the money on the card is gone, there’s no more spending for that day.

… Of course, we do not encourage stranding yourself in an unknown place without a back up plan. So, please keep your debit card close in case of emergency…


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Plan ahead by finding cheap or free places to visit in the city you’ll be staying in like national landmarks.  Groupon tickets/a tour of a local museum, or scuba diving in the ocean. Whatever type of adventure you may in the mood for, if you do some research before hand, you can definitely save some cash.

But again, don’t limit yourself. When you get to where you’re going, don’t be afraid to ask the locals. If you want to find the cool speakeasy style bar, or the most secluded beach, the people who live there are sure to help.


I know this goes against everything everyone has ever taught you, but do it anyways! Having too many options is better than having too few. If you think that you might need that extra razor, then you better pack it, baby.  Hotel and travel store purchases are way too expensive, plus your legs can never be too smooth (especially on a beach in the Caribbean or sharing a hot tub with bae).

There are a ton of ways that you can save some cash while you’re traveling this summer and these are definitely my favorite.  So get out there vina, go on that trip you’ve been holding out on and try some of these tips.

Let us know your favorites down below in the comments! And download the Hey! VINA app if you need some extra friends to take on vacation.

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