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Where to spend your week or two off this summer can be a nerve-wracking challenge.  You want to pick the right spot, but it’s hard to decide where to go, what to do, and ensure you are going to like it. So this summer, I’ve rounded up some of the best places for you to go, based on your zodiac sign! Because duh, we should make all our life decisions based on that, right? …Right?


Take us to the Azores Islands pls n thank u (📸: Away We Went)


Aries: Get your adventure fix and lead by example in Portugal’s Azores Islands this summer.  Aries is the type of person that is destined to visit this unspoiled gem in the heart of the ocean with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites among the nine islands.  An abundance of off-the-map adventures for the fitness-and-thrill seeking explorers, from whale watching to dolphin swimming.

Leo: The most infamous zodiac sign should head to Negril, and enjoy Hedonism II for a few days.  This destination allows them to be their bold selves, capture the spotlight, and dance the night away.

Sagittarius: For the “easy-going” fire sign, a trip to Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to get away and relax.  Explore the Delaware River waterfront and shopping in antique shops, before heading to the Peace Valley Lavender farm. Can you say, ahhhh?

Casa de Uco, yes PLEASE! (📸: Casa de Uco)


Taurus: A drool-worthy setting fit for the self-indulgent Taurus,  Casa de Uco is situated across a 790-acre estate and vineyard in Argentina’s Uco Valley. Guests can learn the sector de fuego (fire pit) barbecue cooking technique, enjoy one-of-a-kind wine parcel tasting through the vineyards with the sommelier and chef, and design their personal wine labels and brand via the Wine Barrel Program.

Virgo:  Take your schedule and your goals down to Nevis and check-in at Paradise Beach Resort to get into the ultimate shape of your life.  With customizable fitness plans based on your fitness level, you can choose to climb Nevis peak or hike to the waterfalls.

Capricorn:  Getting out in nature is the perfect place for Cap ladies to relax.  St. Kitt’s is where nature abounds, and the Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino will make you feel right at home with the beautiful honey brown beaches.

No matter where you go, don’t forget to bring a friend!  (photo source)


Gemini:  Head across the pond, to London.  From there stay at The Distillery, which has two sides to appeal to the “twins”.  Create your own Portobello Road Gin, and get as crazy, or stay as tame, as either of your sides need to be.

Aquarius: Take a walk on the wild side with a visit to Cuba! This air sign tends to be fiercely independent, so navigating the island without wi-fi and relying on the native hospitality will give you some thrills.  For ideas in planning the perfect Cuba vacation visit Cuba Travel.

Libra:  Libra’s love beauty and balance, so venturing out a bit and heading to NYC to visit W Hotel’s new “Tattoo Suite” and take part in TLC Miami Ink’s inaugural tattoo series is a must do for this reserved sign.

How about riding the gondola in Vail? (📸:


Cancer: It’s no secret that Crabs love the beach, and in Nantucket, you can crab-walk to the newest boutique hotel, the Graydon House, enjoying an amazing dinner by a Michelin starred chef.

Scorpio: This sign tends to enjoy a balance of active adventure and relaxing bliss.  Spend some time at Collective Retreats either on a remote ranch in Vail, Colorado or along the serene Moonlight Basin in Yellowstone, Montana where you can enjoy heated tents, fully functional bathrooms and 1,500 thread count sheets with the option of an in-tent massage.

Pisces: This sign is drawn to water and nature, so seeking out a beautiful destination that is remote, like Secret Bay, is essential. It’s an eco-luxury boutique hotel in Dominica, a remote Caribbean Island, and would be the perfect destination.  Endless activities await the nature lover who will be able to hike some of the world’s best trails.

Tell us all about your summer travel plans in the comments below!

(Feature image via Away We Went)




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