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Real girls to motivate you for real results.

Instagram is full of #fitso and fitness models who seems like they have perfect bodies and perfect lives. I prefer to get my workout motivation from women who are up front about the stress and superficiality of maintaining that image. Here are some empowering healthy lifestyle gurus who I encourage you to follow on Insta right away:


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.21.50 PM
via @juliealedbetter

Julie reminds her followers that in this day and age, lighting and angles can make a photo look 100x better (and usually unrealistic). She is also super real about her struggle with fitness and dieting, and how unmanageable her previous ideas of exercise were. She shows you just how important it is to not look at the superficial side of working out, but really to maintain a program that works for you and makes you feel good.




Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.39.29 PM
via @allystone

An ex-bikini competitor, Ally now uses her Instagram to promote her healthier choices in diet and exercise. She implements her experience with weight-lifting, cardio, and food to give awesome (and attainable!) advice on getting better results. Not only that, but she has recently started her own bikini line because she couldn’t find any that fit her the way wanted. So, she made her own and geared it towards like-minded women. That is dope.






So this is technically a two-for-one, but that’s even better!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.07.45 PM
via @any.body_co

Australian models and real-life BFF’s Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs share this Instagram account that’s all about loving yourself no matter what size your genetics predetermined you would be (because that’s all is it; biology)! They post motivational (and realistic) quotes, body positivity inspiration, and lifestyle tips to remind yourself that you are worthy! Can you say #bestfriendgoals? 😍 (Go get yourself a bestie like this using our app, Hey! VINA)



Vinas, I ask you to be kind to yourselves on your fitness and health journeys. Being healthy is great, but only if you keep it balanced. If you ever need some motivation/reassurance, head over to these awesome vinas’ Instagrams. 💕

(Feature image via @any.body_co)


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