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Is the Ilana to your Abbi more like the Regina to your Cady?

We’ve all encountered a frenemy in our life, a real Regina George type.  This is the person who is having brunch with you by day and talking about you by night.  While they may not always mean harm, they are definitely not bestie material. Here are five signs your friend is actually your frenemy.

Regina George via Popsugar

When they talk behind your back

This is never a cool move! Real friends will have no problem telling you that you definitely cut your hair too short or that your new significant other is kind of a bore, but fake friends will tell this to everyone else.  If someone is nice to your face but lets it all out the second you’re not around, this is a frenemy.

When they really don’t treat you that great

I had a friend once that would consistently give me backhanded advice or compliments.  “Wow, you actually look skinny in that outfit” or “I’m surprised you can pull that hair color off so well.” (All of which are totally true).  I didn’t even realize it until another friend pointed it out.  The whole time I thought they were really trying to be my friend but towards the end of our friendship, I almost felt as if they were just being mean to me. Frenemies might not treat you that great and that is not okay.

When the vibe isn’t right

If you’re feeling like something is off, then trust your gut and know that your friend might not be the best person for you.  Trust your instincts as well as your friends.  Your best friends will know whether your new pal is a total bestie or frenemy material. Don’t be afraid to ask and listen to the people who mean most to you if the vibe isn’t right.

When they constantly break plans

Frenemies will often make plans just to break plans.  This goes along with not treating you right. Friends won’t ditch you on purpose. If a friend cancels last minute whenever you have a get together then odds are they might not be as invested as they should be. Frenemies will often leave you hanging.

Discussing plans for tonight via Who What Wear

If they don’t support you

Imagine you get an awesome promotion at work.  You’re going to be totally pumped right?!  Hell yeah you are.  But your friend is not pumped.  Actually, your friend seems annoyed. Are they jealous?  Why can’t they support you?  Friends will always support you on your life endeavors.  Frenemies will not.  This doesn’t mean that they want to see you fail, but it definitely means they’re not the biggest fan of you succeeding.  If your friends can’t share your successes then they might be a frenemy.

While these signs may be hard to notice at first, these are a few sure fire ways to spot a frenemy in your life.  Don’t let these frenemies bring you down Vina!  There are always more people out there just like you that could be your true BFF.

Tell us in the comments if you met a frenemy.

(Featured Image via Teen Vogue)

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