You might be surprised how much this personality trait really affects your friendships.

Turns out, being a dog person or a cat person can totally affect the types of friends you’re most compatible with! It’s not exactly a science, but we’re pretty convinced. Check it out below!


Want a friend who is self-disciplined and will plan most of your vina dates?

via Kurgo

Hang out with a dog-owner vina! They have a strong sense of duty and are very conscientious. Dog-owners also tend to be more outgoing and enthusiastic. They are kind, trustworthy and agreeable people who will be ready to get out and be social! If you’re looking for a positive and energetic friend, get yourself a dog-lovin’ vina stat!


On the other hand, cat people, as I like to call them, are your more non-traditional thinkers. They’re a bit more unconventional, and tend to be creative and artistic. They also sadly tend to be the more easily stressed vinas of the group and are likely to have anxiety or to be worriers.

via Wuvely

If you enjoy spending time one-on-one and like someone with an artist side, you might just be looking for a cat-owner vina!

Do you have more dog or cat owner friends? Let us know in the comments!

(Featured Image via Ba Bamail)


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