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Take inventory of what you have and what you need.

At some point this year, it was spring, and then all of the sudden it was summer. If you’re anything like me, you probably missed spring cleaning and now you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by everything on your plate. Try the tricks below to help clear out your closet, your space, and your mind!

  1. Let’s Tackle that Closet: A quick Pinterest search well tell you that there’s a several dozen different ways to organize your closest – each one working better for different folks. No mater what method you try (Konmari is a popular one!),  it probably relies on the same concept – get rid of the things you don’t ware, don’t fit you correctly, or are stained. How many of us hang on to that “perfect dress” – only to hate how it looks whenever you put it on. Clothes can go to charityor sold on an app like Poshmark, Depop, or Meraci to make some money and buy new clothes (that you’ll actually wear).
  2. Weed out knick-knacks, books, movies, etc that don’t mean anything to you. Nothing helped me clean out things I didn’t need quicker than moving, but we can’t all move once a year in order to stay organized. When trying to declutter your house try to determine weather that item brings you joy or not. Favorite book from high school that you read twice a year? KEEP! Book you bought at the airport that you hated? DONATE.
  3. Clean out that pantry! How many mornings have you spent digging through the cupboard or refrigerator only to find food that’s stale and expired? If you like me, you try your best to keep fresh food in your house, but it often gets a away from you. Take an hour to dispose of expired and stale food. Have canned or boxed goods you’re never going to eat? Donate them to a local food bank to help others. If you’re not going to eat it  -chances are someone else will love it!
  4. Once you get clean invest in your space! Now that you’re done the hard part of purging your home, you get to do the fun part of investing in it. Take some time to make your space feel special. For me that means hanging up framed concert art, decorating with bunting, and making sure there are lots of pictures of my loved ones. For you, it might be crystals, candles, plants, and throw pillows. Whatever makes you happy… find a way to bring it into your life!
#CleanLivingRoomGoals via ruffledsnob

5. Enjoy your new clean space and try to keep it that way. It’s said that having a clean environment has numerous benefits to both your physical and mental health. From weight loss, to heart disease, staying clean and organized has been attributed to helping with both. Do some research online to see how staying organized can help you have better control over your like.

Your home is a beautiful place to relax after a long day. But when it is messy and out of order, your mind may feel that way too. It’s best to keep your closet organized and in turn, you will feel that your life will be too, Vina!

(Featured Image via The Zoe Report)

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