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Things to do in LA for a vina first date (or second, or third).

It’s big sprawling mess of a city but, damn we love you LA. For this very reason though, it’s particularly tricky to nail down the right lady-date idea. Fear not, we are here with our newest installment of Hey! VINA dates. Scroll through our ideas and find something that will both match your budget and your lifestyle.


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We’re a lucky bunch in LA with a plethora of free museums to wander through. A go-to fave is The Getty, it’s easy to get to and rather centrally located if your new bestie is coming from the other side of town. Just hop on the 5 for a while and take exit 59 following alongside the 405 until you see signs for the Getty Center. And it’s free free free. There is also an adorable open air cafe in the center that serves wine, so there’s that. The view is epic and the exhibits change throughout the year so we never get tired of visiting. The garden is spectacular and so Instagram worthy. Our other new fave free free spot, The Broad. This place is nothing short of drool worthy beauty. It just opened in fall of 2015 and has met rave reviews from just about everyone, ever.



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For how close we live to the ocean it’s a damn shame how little time most LA-ians spend at the waters edge. Perhaps the two of you are already beachy people, the kind that cut out on lunch to get a surf in. If you are those kind of Californians then you already get it. Water is healing and essential and the perfect way to spend an afternoon. So pack some snacks, a big blanket, spf 70 (we want to protect those gorgeous faces), and take a drive down to Venice beach. It might be a bit out of the way depending on where you are coming from, but trust us the beaches that way are far more pristine. It’s worth the wander.



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LA is the mecca for pretty much all actors and musicians so you can pretty much find any style of music you want. But it has to be said, the best place to catch cheap/free live music in a mellow setting is The Hotel Cafe. It’s small and intimate. It’s red lit. It’s got these cute cafe tables. This place is breeding ground for new musicians and break through talent. I’ve seen some of the best shows of my life here in the company of only a few other people. It’s incredible. Another wonderful option is to go old school and channel your inner groupie: hit up the Sunset Strip and see a live show at The Roxy. It’s a part of our history here, embrace it.



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I feel like anyone who lives in LA has a deep appreciation for tacos. Trust me, other places do not throw down like we do when it comes to this major food group. There is no comparison to an LA street taco anywhere east of TX or north of CA. You can find them just about everywhere in la la land, so pick your fave local spot or go on a hunt for some of ours: Ricky’s Fish Tacos (taco truck that appears like a miracle for a few hours a day usually on Virgil Ave.), La Flor Yucatan (this spot is a bakery that serves some seriously authentic tacos), Kogi BBQ Truck (I can’t even talk about these without getting hungry, find them now), Komodo Venice (these Korean infused little nuggets are pure heaven and you could literally never tire of their menu.


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I love this option because it makes me feel like a high roller, even when I’m not. Seek out some happy hour spots that do dollar oysters and you can eat your body weight in those heavenly sea creatures. Some of the best spots in town are: EMC Seafood and Raw Bar in Korea Town (7 days a week from 4-7, they knows what’s up), Ace Hotel in Downtown LA (upstairs and weekdays, sit pool side and slang oysters from noon-5), The Hungry Cat  in Santa Monica (it’s only a Monday thing, but it’s a damn good way to start the week.) Enjoy!!


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We love classics. Meeting for coffee is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient ways to link up with anyone in your life. It’s a low stakes kind of affair. It can last hours or just fifteen minutes. It’s kind of amazing how much we can accomplish over a cup of jo. A few of our fave spots across town for both excellent brew and A+ ambience: Verve in West Hollywood, Copa Vida in Pasadena, Caffe Vita in Silver Lake, Demitasse Cafe in Santa Monica (try their lavender liquid hot chocolate, it’s ridiculous.) Pinkies out ladies.


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We saved the best for last. I even love the word, brunch; someone somewhere was too lazy to make up a new word for this meal, they just smushed the other two together. And I think it really embodies the laid back vibe we bring to the table. It was made for sleeping in, chillin out, and stuffing your face. It’s heaven. If you’re in the area brunch it here: Culver Hotel in Culver City (eating brunch in this historic hotel will make you feel ultra swanky, plus their bar is amazeballs), Eclectic Cafe in North Hollywood (endless mimosas and an entree for $25, winning), Gjusta in Venice (a bit crowded but well worth the wait), Malibu Farm Pier Cafe obviously in Malibu (brunch with a view and all organic eats, yes please), Sqirl in Silver Lake (this tiny spot is crushing the toast game with some open faced plates I literally want to face plant into.) Now, I’m hungry.

We wish we could join you on all these adventures! We’re eager to hear back from you. Let us know if you like our choices, or any other local spots we should add to our list. And don’t forget to download the Hey! VINA app so you can meet the vinas to go out with!

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