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New me. New season. Whose this?

In the spring, we crawl from our holes to see the sunlight, cast away our wardrobe of sweaters and sweatpants, and feel the need to once again dress for the light of day. Well, I don’t know if it’s that dramatic for you but it’s certainly how I feel. When spring comes around, I suddenly want to dress myself like a real adult again. I get excited about prints and dresses and sometimes I even cut my hair. But I can’t always afford the overhaul the way I want so I’ve gotten good at making myself feel good with a few easy tricks that inspire that oh-new-you feeling that spring asks for.

After a fresh new dooo via Brittany Roberts

Cut your hair

For real, even if it’s just a trim or some new fringe. This will make you feel fresh and if you really want to treat yourself, get a new color. I never actually change my hair color but I will go in and get a richer brown that has me feeling like a new brighter me instantly.

Get rid of what you will not wear

See my previous post about spring cleaning like a pro. Once you know what you won’t wear, you can look at your closet and see what you will wear, and where you can fill in any gaps in your style or needs that have risen with the recent purge. It helps you envision and rediscover your style.

Thrift it

Early spring the thrift stores are teeming with new goods. Everyone has donated a ton of stuff over the holidays and/or is in the process of spring cleaning and donating everything. The best way to go about it is having an idea in mind of what you’re looking for so as not to get overwhelmed by how much you have to sort through. Know that you want long floral dresses, jeans you can cut into shorts, a spring coat, boho sandals, whatever… Then go on a hunt for those items and those only.


My grandmother always told me to never underestimate the power of a new shade of lipstick to turn you into an entirely new woman. Find a new shade that speaks spring to you and be surprised by how such a little change can alter the look entirely.

Lip smackin’ make up via Rakbo

Become a moisturizing guru

If winter hasn’t turned you into a corn husk then please share your secrets with us. Spring will hopefully offer a little respite from the desolate dryness of winter. Take this opportunity to soak yourself in some a new moisturizing routine. Start with regular salt baths that will draw out the toxins and purify your skin, get yourself either an oil or shea butter cream, and lather yourself in it religiously every night. Because sometimes a new look starts with your skin first.

A single accessory

Careers have been built on less. Find a single accessory that speaks to you- a scarf, a hat, a pair of shoes and let this one-piece ferry you into an entirely new you.

We would love to add to this list, so please write us and share what you do to reboot your look for spring!! 

(Featured Image via Playbuzz)

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