Start slaying that list ASAP!

We recently posted about writing a bucket list and why it’s essential that every vina make one. This month we’d like to go one step further and suggest that you make one now (like today) for this summer and make it with your best vinas; start slaying that list like ASAP. Why? Because you can make this the best summer ever. This could be the one you think back on for decades to come; these could be the memories that give you that sly and knowing smile. This is your time.

Pop open a bottle of wine, or some La Croix (whatever floats your boat), and piece the list together. The most essential part: mark what date your summer ends; this is the date you agree to have finished all the items on your list. Then you both sign, vowing to try your hardest to complete it all.

A bucket list is not only inspiring, but it also helps keep you accountable. So you are less likely to end up doing the same thing. every. damn. day. It helps you change it up, live a little, and reach outside of your comfort zone (which as we all know is where all the best memories are made).

via Barefoot Blonde Hair

Of course everyone’s bucket list will look a bit different. What you and your vina want might be a little different than me and mine. For instance: is number one on your list to try every slushy flavor at 7-11? No? Well, it’s on mine. Obviously, tailor your list to suit your needs; however, I’m going to get your started here with a few quintessential must-do’s for you and your vinas in these heated months.

  1. Try every slushy flavor at 7-11.
  2. See the sunset over a body of water.
  3. Make three new friends.
  4. Host a BBQ.
  5. Play kickball.
  6. Swim in ten different pools.
  7. Get a tattoo.
  8. Make your own summer hashtag.
  9. Go on a road trip.
  10. Girls only camping trip (feel free to combine this with #9).
  11. Each conquer a fear, the others get to choose the activity.
  12. Sing karaoke.
  13. Try something neither of you have done before, i.e. surfing, karate, cooking classes, theater, whatever…
  14. Plant something you can eat.
  15. Volunteer.

Wherever this summer takes you, use your bucket list as a source of inspiration. Try and check off one or two things every week. Life–summer especially– was made for fully living and soaking in those long, sunny days. So get out there while the getting’s good and start checking those boxes.

Tell us what’s at the top of your list in the comment section below!

Need some new vinas to create your bucket list with? Download the Hey! VINA app and find your perfect summer adventure buddy.

(Feature image via Urbanna)



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