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A short list of electronic, rock, and R&B/pop soul songs made by women for women.

And it’s finally the weekend!! You may find yourself wanting to listen to new tunes while you and your Vinas get ready for the evening. Sipping your choice of drink, whether it’s a couple glasses of Rosé (whose counting?) or a special drink that channels your flirty self, get your evening mood with this weeks playlist. It explores solely women and pop culture songwriters of the electronic, rock, and R&B/pop soul genres.

From Vina to Vina, we should listen to more female artists who are often swept under the  rug or out of the spotlight by the mainstream music on the radio. Throughout these songs, listen intently to their often powerful performance, which ties a deep emotion to old and new relationships. Finding you through the trials and tribulations of life or perhaps just through dancing it out.

“Nu Hope” – Negative Gemini

Body Work is the 90’s techno and electronic pop efforts of Negative Gemini who goes by Lindsey French. An addictive album with synthy and chillwave tracks is an exploration of her special qualities: a grounded personality and hypnotic voice. It’s perfect for getting work done.

“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

In this number, Swedish singer Robyn sings about watching her ex-man with another woman. While you’re putting on your heels, think of it more as a transitioning song to the single life.

“Trying” – Bully

If Kurt Cobain and Courtney Barnett had a baby, front woman Alicia Bognanno would be the product. Bully, a grunge and rock band from Nashville, Texas, released a 10-track album called Feels Like in June 2015. All songs were written by Bognanno and feature lyrics about relationships and growing up in Too Tough and Trying.

“Rebel Girl” – Bikini Kill

American punk rock band Bikini Kill is most notably known for “Rebel Girl,” which was inspired and affiliated with the radical feminist movement during the 1990s. Lead singer Kathleen Hanna sings, “When she talks / I hear the revolution / When she walks / the revolution’s coming!” as the song has a clear and identifiable message: Rebel girl is the coolest gal in the whole world. And you’ll feel like the coolest gal in the whole world.

“Get Ur Freak On” – Missy Elliott

A playlist is not complete without a classic, right? Let Missy Elliott do all the talking. HOLLA!

“Losing You” – Solange

Solange sings about questioning the relationship status but the 80’s groovy pop beat is so good it will excite you and your Vinas on the way out the door.

Is your favorite vina musician on our lists? Tell us which songs you love in the comment section below! And if you haven’t already, download the Hey! VINA app to find new friends to rock out with.  

(Feature Image via Pretty in the Pines)



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