Getting your hands dirty can be fun.

I LOVE to throw a party. I always have. Once I spent a week hand-making the banner for my fourth grade birthday party and carefully selecting each item that went into every individualized gift bag. Love it, still love it.

Terrariums and potting are two creative ways to celebrate a planting party. Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin

A planting party is a fun and kind of quirky way to ring in these summer months. They say any time after Mother’s Day is a good time to plant because one won’t have to worry about a late freeze. A planting party is just like any other party except you can plant any greenery you wish. Think colorful succulents, textured mini cacti, vegetable or fruit seeds, and beautiful flowers. Before you plan your first planting party, here are a few questions to think about…

1. Do you have an outdoor space?

It’s not essential but since this activity can get dirty, outside is ideal. With summer in season, planting and tanning makes a great combo. You can still plant pots in your kitchen or even bathtub if you don’t have a large outdoor space.

The perfect little outdoor space for your planting festivities via Apartment Therapy


2. Organize a potluck!

The summertime screams “potluck” and there are tons of easy foods your Vinas can bring to the table. It can be a little overwhelming and pricy to cater a potluck and prepare the planting festivities, so it helps to send out a checklist for hydrating drinks, various salads, cool desserts, and etc. If you are going to cook for others, then keep it simple with tasty sandwiches and bowls of fruit because you won’t need to use many plates!

3. The little plants themselves are the goody bags for grown-ups. Head to your nearest gardening store and stock up on these much needed items:

Plastic terraniums and small red little clay pots (these are super cheap!). If you want to get creative, you can paint them too.
Soil or cactus potting mix
Seeds, herbs, flowers, starter plants, or succulents (any all or one is great)
Little shovels… Honestly, I always just end up using my hands and spoons from the kitchen

4. Refreshments are key as well as a good summertime playlist. Wine spritzers are my fave for something relaxing like this because you only need three ingredients and guests can easily refill as they choose. (White wine+ club soda+ fruit= delish). For music, I lean towards country or oldies. You can also ask your guests to add their favorite songs to the playlist!

5. A friendly trick: You can also use this as a bribe to goad your friends into redoing your backyard and garden area with you. Of course, let them know what’s up, but it can be fun if you all do it together. The more helping hands, the faster it goes. Plus, it’s a great bonding activity.

*BONUS* This is also the type of event that’s open to everyone! Invite your friends with young children and they will happily join the activity. An approachable event especially during daylight hours will keep the kids busy too.

For the comfort vibes, spread a few blankets around the yard or throughout your apartment, get those wine spritzers flowing and turn up the tunes. It’s both positively therapeutic and rewarding to plant, and just a darn good excuse to get together with your Vinas.

Getting those drinks flowin’ Via Oleander + Palm

And if who knows, maybe by the end of the afternoon, you’ll have a whole new garden patch! If it is your own backyard, then set a date for another party in which you can all enjoy the gorgeous garden and eat the rewards. Happy planting!

(Featured Image via Southern Living)

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