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Be mindful of others and play it cool.

With so many diets #trending, maybe you’re curious; is Paleo really a game changer? Will going Gluten Free dramatically increase your energy levels? Is Dairy Free the key to gorgeous skin?

Maybe you’ve had an epiphany that you want to try some form of vegetarianism? There’s no shame in wanting to conduct an experiment or a complete lifestyle change in the name of health/wellness/ethics. However with so many people preaching their diet virtues, a lot of your friends might be a little bit overbearing about other people’s eating habits so try to play it cool, girl.

Healthy Kale Detox Salad with Pesto via Trimmed and Toned















Firstly, my recommendation is to let your friends know by mentioning it in passing rather than broadcasting it or hijacking a conversation to talk all about YOU and your health. It’s also important to be clear about the reason you’re doing it – people will ask! In my experience, it’s best to have a concise answer locked and loaded.

Secondly, decide what the parameters of the diet are; is it forever or just a six-week elimination thing? Are you going all the way with restrictions? Will there be any exceptions to the diet? And what’s your strategy for your cousin’s wedding next month? There will be most certainly be times when you will find yourself in front of a glorious cheeseboard, beholding the most magnificent specimens you have ever laid your eyes on but you MUST. BE. STRONG.

When it comes to eating out with your Vinas, most restaurants have their menu online so take a look beforehand to see if they are going to have something to suit you. That way you won’t have to settle for a plate of lettuce and make everyone else feel bad. If you find that steakhouse doesn’t do veg, come up with some alternative places that are going to suit everyone – it’s on you to do the leg work here. If your diet is more complex, schedule your time with activities that don’t involve eating such as meeting for tea (or coffee if it’s permitted!), going for a hike, or checking out a gallery or concert where you can eat at home beforehand.

The key to staying cool is to reduce the impact of your diet on other people which may require an adjustment to your usual activities or a little more forward planning. When it comes to discussing your diet, try to only talk about it if it comes up. This can actually be really difficult when after a few weeks you’re feeling amazing and want to spread the love but trust me… they have most probably heard it all before.

(Featured Image via Henrique Félix Photography)


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