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"I hope they are filming right now because my life would make a great sitcom."

Personal story time!

When I lived in New York City, I had a job interview in Lower Manhattan. I lived in the Bronx so just getting there was challenging. On top of that, it was late winter, which we all know is just flat out gross. The snow was melting so there were huge puddles of dirty water everywhere. The weather was getting warm but not enough so you could go without a coat and boots.

Via Simplemente Maria

I took the subway to the interview, following the directions the interviewer had given me. Then for some reason, I changed from boots to flats in the subway car. I had a bag big enough to hold my snow boots, a coat, a wallet, a crisp resume, and the other 10,000 things a vina carries with her at all time. But only thing was I didn’t bring bandaids which would have come in handy seeing that the flats I was wearing were new and ate into my ankles with every step.

I walked back and forth, block after block looking for the building my phone said I arrived at but it was nowhere to be found. My shoes quickly filled with blood. I was now hobbling, running late to my interview. A stranger actually pointed out to me how badly I was bleeding and kindly gave two mega bandaids which I bled through in no time. My shoes were literally blood sponges at this point.

I was feeling 100 emotions at once and yet instead of letting myself panic, I thought: “I hope there is life on other planets and I hope they are filming right now because my life would make a great sitcom.”

Life isn’t going to stop hurling curveballs your way so you just need to learn the best ways to combat them. I’m sure we have all been alone before and to our horror, we tripped and maybe even fell on our face.

In this situation we have two options:

  1. Stay super quiet and pretend like nothing even happened.
  2. Call attention to it. Make anyone who may be around laughing at you know that you are laughing with them.

I always choose the latter simply because it helps me not get as upset, and I think it makes everyone feel more comfortable.

Picture it like this. The situation you are in is like trash. It stinks, no one likes it,  but we all have to deal with it eventually. You can get mad or discouraged but if you’re facing an already irksome scenario, chances are those emotions will only make things worse. So try to remember the fun and funny times in your life.

Sometimes thinking about past annoying situations will help because while most of the time they seem absolutely hellish when they are happening, later you can look back and say, well at least I got through it.

Trust me, even as my shoes were gnawing into my ankles and people were beginning to question my sanity, I was able to laugh and say,  “well at least this isn’t as bad as the time I was too out of shape to climb a 4 foot fence.”

(Featured Image via Sherry’s Life)


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