Be Your Best Self Instagram Psych


There's more than meets the eye.

You know those vinas on Instagram who appear as though they really have their shit together? They post beautiful selfie after beautiful selfie, buy pretty things, read tons of books, and still have a lively social life. A great insta profile can either inspire you to live better or make you analyze your very existence. I have a couple of favorite Instagram pages that frequently make me feel inadequate.

But remember that social media is curated in order to portray a certain something, and confidence on the Internet can be a disguise for lack there of IRL.

Even if it is unintentional, we all have a hidden agenda. Some people only ever post when they are out with their vinas; so they seem like they are out all the time. Others post their most stylish #ootds; so they seem like fashion gurus (even though they are probably wearing a ramen-stained t-shirt this very instant). Still others post about every single book they read; so they seem like elevated intellectuals (even though they can hardly speak coherent sentences after 6 pm).

My life certainly does not look like my Instagram 24/7. I do not wake up like this. I need to shower and put on makeup before I can even take the dog around the block!

I can admit that I have posted plenty of selfies that were definitely not taken the day I posted them. Some days you may be feeling icky and you need a couple hundred likes, and a handful of exuberant comments in order to get you out of that funk. Especially in our world dominated by likes and instant gratification; it can be a real rush to beat your previous number-of-likes record.


via @harlingross

I know it is silly and I don’t mean to come across vain in any way, but I do worry sometimes about being that profile to someone else. I have some dedicated friends who unfailingly respond to my social media with an abundance of heart eyes emojis and lots of love. I’ll run into someone at the grocery store and they will say things like:

“It sure looks like you’re having the time of your life, according to your Instagram.”
“Boy do you tweet about the funniest things happening to you all the time.”

But in fact, my day to day is so boring it literally puts me to sleep (I’m big on naps). These posts could easily be compiled into the highlight reel of my life. Sure, most of us do not post about every single cool thing we do. However, the common phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” does seem to reign true for the millennial generation.

via @hannahbronfman

The moral of the story is: Social media can be an artfully crafted illusion. Do not get bogged down by beauty and success found on the internet. Assume that there is more than meets the eye, because there always is. Conversly, do not worry too much about how you appear to others on your own social media platforms. Chances are, not too many people are paying that close of attention to it; if they are, let them think your life is slightly cooler than your reality.

(Feature image via @misssuber)


  1. It is so important to remind ourselves time and again that social media ≠ reality and that people are not as happy as they choose to show through their posts. Great piece! Loved reading it. Thanks for writing this!

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