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Are you thinking, "WTF is a situationship?" Then this is for you.

Situationship (noun): 

A relationship with no clear boundaries, expectations, or definition. 

Remember that pair of shoes you bought for your friend’s wedding that you swore you’d wear again? Every time an appropriate event pops up again, you try them on only to end up deciding to wear something else. You think of outfits in your head all the time that they’d go great with…But they’ve been collecting dust in your closet since the wedding last summer.

Okay, the shoes are a metaphor. Are you in a situationship with someone who’s sort of your friend, but also sort of not? Maybe you talk about hanging out all the time, but never actually do. Maybe you’re each other’s last choice for an invite when you have an extra ticket to something. And maybe the thought of sitting down and talking one-on-one terrifies you. So, are you even really friends?

We shouldn’t let friends become the shoes in our closet we only wear once. Having acquaintances is great, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits of having best friends you love and care about.  A situationship never goes anywhere, never gets deeper, and can be hurtful or confusing if one person feels more strongly about the friendship than the other.

If you’re stuck in a situationship with someone you’d really like to be real friends with, it may be time to DTR. I know, it can be scary to be vulnerable, but that’s what friendship is all about.

Are you in a situationship with a gal you’d like to get to know better? Tell us in the comments!

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