Happy National Best Friends Day!!

Happy Best Friends Day! In honor of one of our fave days of the year, we had some team members and VINA Society members write in to tell us all about their besties. 😍


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Happy National Best Friend’s Day! I am so blessed to have two women whom I’m lucky to call my platonic soulmates.

I first met Rebecca the summer before our freshman year of high school, waiting to take a placement test to see if we would get into honors English. We both did, and twenty years later, we’re still besties. We’ve always been two halves of the same person, and we’ve been through everything together, from our first times living on our own to starting our own families.

Lisa and I weren’t just coworkers – she was my work wife. She would give me granola bars and I would send her memes. We always sat together at staff meetings, we always walked out to our cars together after work, and we always, always had each other’s backs. (Well, that last part hasn’t changed.)

Having moved out of state this past year, I miss them both terribly, but no matter the distance, they are still two of the people I love most in this world. I wouldn’t be me without them.


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This is my best friend Ashley, we met in the 2nd grade and have been close ever since. We talk almost every single day. She still lives in our hometown that I moved out of, making it hard for us to see each other but we make it work! We LOVE going out on cute dinner/lunch dates or just gossiping on the couch with a bottle (or 2 😉) of wine. She’s been there for me through everything and I’ll be forever grateful to have her in my life. Every brunette needs a blonde best friend!


MIrasha Brown National Best Friend Day photo.jpg

I unofficially met Ellen when I was collecting dues for an organization that we were part of our sophomore year of college, but we officially met to discuss collaborating for a potential project back in 2012. I immediately knew we were going to be great friends because of our love for Beyonce. Through the numerous road trips, mild panic attacks due to school and our passion for pop culture, we became inseparable. It would be rare for one to see one of us without the other. She’s more than just my best friend, she’s my brain twin and she’s my partner in shade. I wouldn’t know where I’d be without her!


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.34.11 AM.png

No Best Friends Day would be complete for me without celebrating my ride-or-die, Meg. Meg and I met the day before our college orientation in the summer of 2012 and the rest is history. In the past five years we’ve truly become family and I don’t know where I’d be without her! She’s been there for me every time I needed her in more ways than she probably knows and she is literally the funniest girl I know. I’ve been saying SNL should hire her for years, but alas she’s too busy being a bad*ss jet-setter to settle down. When she’s not traveling the globe (she just got back from a trip to South Africa!), she’s so close, yet so far in sunny San Diego. I can’t wait for our next visit!



Choosing your sister as your #1 BFF feels a little bit like cheating, but I also have a confession – she’s not *technically* my sister. My older sister passed away when I was 11. Our moms are actually sisters, which technically makes us cousins. Anyway, after that tragedy Isabelle and I decided we were now sisters just like them. We grew up together and still live and work less than a mile from each other… after I recruited her to move here from Barcelona 5 years ago! I love our sisterhood because we push each other to be better and better, and I know that no matter what she’ll be there for me. Thanks for being the best friend a girl could ask for, Isabelle!

Tell us all about your bestie in the comments, and don’t forget to celebrate today!

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