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Why being single is awesome AF.

Here’s the thing, I truly believe that singleness is not only a gift but an important stage in your life. Peep what my favorite parts of being single are below.


Being single has allowed me to grow in so many ways that I wouldn’t have wanted to burden a partner with. I just recently turned thirty. As I look back to the things I’ve learned in my twenties and reflect on the future, I know I have some more growing to do. I have some things that I just think would be easier to deal with on my own, things I don’t want to bring into a relationship. I truly believe that this time alone is my time for exponential growth as a person.


I love my freedom. I don’t have to answer to no man! When you’re single, your primary focus is you. You don’t have to check in with anyone or coordinate your weekend plans. There‚Äôs no relationship obligations! You can do what you want, when you want.


You don’t have to have fully grasped balancing. A majority of my coworkers are married with children. While we have a pro-working-women culture, they often times express that “doing it all” can be exhausting. They frequently balance their career ambition with their husband’s in order to make sure the kids are taken care of. They need to be home by a certain time and usually can’t do impromptu drinks after work. If asked, they say it’s all worth it but I’m thankful I’m not there yet. I often tell them, I don’t know how you do it!


The best part about being single, unlimited vina time! Hanging out with your vinas is always fun and when you’re single, you can hang out with them wherever and whenever.

Why do you love being single? Tell us in the comments! Also, did you know you can find more single babes to hang out with in our Single Ladies community in Hey! VINA!

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