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Your friend will love you even more after you stay with them!

With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to visit friends around the country (or the world)! Staying with friends or family is cheaper than a hotel, but don’t let yourself get too relaxed. When someone invites you to stay with them, your primary responsibility is not to burden the host(ess). Don’t get lazy and become an albatross, otherwise you’ll never get invited back – which is your ultimate goal! Ensure plenty of future guest rooms for yourself by following these steps for modern houseguests.


Make your host aware of your concert tickets, reservations and sightseeing ahead of time. This is crucial information for a host because it helps them schedule their personal lives, work and meal prep around spending time with you. Take it an extra step and get your host’s schedule so you can be aware of their routine and not take them out late the night before an early meeting.


Have some rough ideas about sights you’d like to see and places you want to visit so you’re not reliant on your host. They agreed to host you, not play tour guide. Plus, if you’ve got some ideas in mind, getting their perspective will help narrow down your choices. Being an independent houseguest takes a lot of pressure off the host which they’ll appreciate.


Don’t leave toiletries and towels strewn around the bathroom in the morning. Pick up after yourself (more vigilantly than at home), make your bed, keep your room tidy, put your dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters after a meal. Cleaning up and being proactive are the small details that catapult you from a good guest to a great guest.


Some hosts would never accept money to cover your expenses, so if that’s the case, one option is to take them to dinner to express your gratitude. Find a hidden neighborhood gem or hit up their favorite local spot. Bringing a small gift is another creative option that delights many hosts. For me, I like to pay attention to what they need around their house. For example, when I stayed with friends two weeks ago, they were complaining about their oven mitts. I’m a silicone oven mitt convert so I grabbed them while we were out shopping. The oven mitts weren’t expensive but resulted in a thrilled hostess with less arm burns!

We hope this helps you be the best guest you can be! Don’t forget to use Hey! VINA next time you’re on a trip to meet some locals to show you around!

(Feature image via @_tianalewis)

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