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Add these songs to your Spotify playlists ASAP! 🎶

So it’s the beginning of a new month! And just like the rest of the world, we cannot believe it’s already June. The VINA team is busy AF, but we always have time for a dance party (or two). Want to get to know us a little better? Here’s what’s on our office playlist this month:


Our CEO Olivia Poole is currently jamming to this tune! She says, “I can’t get enough of On + Off by Maggie Rogers! This song is uplifting, sexy, and smoooooth. And I totally want to be/hangout with her backup dancers in this video. These dance moves are totally up my ally, and I love how real she keeps it! It makes me feel like I need to throw a slumber party and choreograph dances all night with my girlfriends.”


VINAZINE Editor Emma Olswing has Vagabon on repeat. This is why she loves this upcoming artist: “Vagabon is my current obsession and has been for months, with no sign of slowing down. If you like sad, raw, powerful women musicians (think: Mitski, Frankie Cosmos, or Big Thief), you’ll luurrrvvveeee Vagabon. I literally cannot stop listening to her. Check out her live performance for Do The Bay and help me pray she returns to SF soon!!”


Lead Designer Maggie Jurow loves this haunting Zoë Kravtiz cover of a classic Elvis track. “I’ve got a soft spot for unusual covers, but this one I found particularly brilliant because it puts a completely different spin on this hit by Elvis and gives it so much tenderness.”


Our IOS Lead Engineer Mo Kudeki’s kicking it back and bringing back the 80’s with this fun dance tune. “I’m obsessed with everything about this!!!!!” she says.


For our  vinas who appreciate tunes from the Baroque music period, our VP of Engineering Axel Molina recommends 18th century composer/musician’s Bach’s lute pieces, “Bach’s compositions for Lute are fun because they’re seductive, mysterious, and emphasize his romantic aspect. The sound is at once intimate and mysterious.”


The newest addition to our team, Executive Assistant & Special Projects Manager Daniel Nahan’s go to artist at the moment is grammy-nominated artist Sofi Tukker. “I am really digging Sofi Tukkers’ beat-driven sound. Their jungle-house percussion has this magical way of keeping me moving on a busy day while calming me with the sensation of being on a tropical island.”


As for me, the team’s Social Media Consultant, I actually came across this track on Twitter and am now high-key obsessed with the video and the artist as well. This track just speaks to me, it’s a very millennial themed track, give it a listen you’ll know what I mean. Also the video features all these badass folks of color from all over the world, and that kind of representation speaks to me.

Which one of these tracks speaks to you the most? Tell us in the comment section or tweet at us @ilikevina.

(Feature image via Renegade Radio)

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