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It seems as if more and more people are giving up the corporate life and jet setting around the world, carving out an income or living off savings as they visit far flung destinations. If you are intrigued, but not ready to dive in yet to the full-time working nomad status, here are a few ways that you can make some money while you you’re on your next vacay!

For Those In The Beauty or Wellness Industries, (AKA hair stylists, spray tanners, manicurists, make-up artists, massage therapists and the like) you are so in luck! There are some amazing apps that you can sign up for like Soothe and Priv that will connect you with clients where-ever you go! Last fall while at NYFW I used Priv a few times and was super impressed!

For those fluent in English, it’s time to start teaching. There are organizations like TeachAway that will subsidize your trip to places like Dubai, Mexico, Japan, and more! You can teach in the mornings, and explore your destination in the afternoon. Win-win!

Digital Nomads as we call them, can earn money doing all kinds creative and tech-related jobs while on the go. Check out CloudPeeps to find computer, marketing, public relations, graphic design, illustration, and tech jobs that aren’t destination-based. And then you’re off!

Travel Blogging, Writing and Content Creation are great ways to monetize your vacay experiences.  If you don’t have a blog yourself, reach out to some that might need coverage for your destination, or businesses that need blog and social media content.  Also, check out SmugMug and turn those fabulous sunset pictures to cash.

Are you crafty? Take some of your wares with you and find a crafts fair, weekend market, or artisanal festival to sell beaded earrings and other homemade goods.

If you are traveling, you probably won’t need your parking spot at home. Simply list your spot on ParqEx to rent out your parking space while you are out of town. If anything, this will cover the cost of airport parking! 

Lastly, check out WorkAway, which pairs people that need a service with people that want to travel, experience another country and help. You can end up teaching English, building a house, or working on a farm all while exploring your destination!

If you want some inspiration from those that travel full-time and work on the road, check out: Nat & Jodie, Sarah Nouse, Frank Salas, Nicola Smith, and NatPacker. Where are you jetting off to next? Tell us in the comments!

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