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Don't lose steam just because class is out of session!

Summer is upon us, and college students everywhere are preparing themselves to answer the age-old question from family and friends: “What are you going to do until fall?” For some, the answer will come with ease, as they’ve mapped out every detail of their summers and are ready to conquer what comes their way. Others will give a nonchalant response, but are optimistic as to what the next few months will bring.

If your response sounds like more of the latter, don’t fret. Check out this list that will help you remain productive while school is out.


Behind every vina is a toolbox consisting of her greatest assets and traits. What’s better than adding a new skill to your resume? Whether its learning a new language or learning to code (which are basically the same thing), you can use this skill to your advantage. Who knows what it’ll lead to!


Some see summer as a way to let their minds relax before the hectic return of the fall semester. However, others use this time to their advantage by taking summer classes. Yes, the duration of the class is significantly shorter, but you have the ability to breeze through a course and will ultimately relieve yourself of some stress a few semesters down the road. Why not knock some classes out while you have the opportunity?


Summer is a great time for employers to hire, and they’re always looking for college students who are strapped for cash during seasonal periods. Retail stores and restaurants are great for students because of their flexible scheduling and pay. Internships offer students hands-on experience in their field, and also allow them to build connections with fellow interns and potential employers. If you want to intern but you’re worried about cash, a paid internship is the way to go.


Even if you’re busy chillin’, you can stay on track with your summer goals in your bullet journal! It’s never too late to start one, and it’s a great way to pass the time, as well as find a goal and task tracking system that works for you. Even if you don’t use it much in the summer, getting one set up for fall will save you a lot of time when school rolls around again!

How will you stay productive this summer? Let us know in the comments! Want another great way to pass the time? Find some new friends to spend the summer with!

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