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A toolkit for all you introverts out there!

This one’s for all of you introverts out there! We all know a few people who can kill it at small talk anytime, anywhere, but not all of us are so lucky. It takes years of practice for a lot of us, and even then, small talk with new people can feel painfully uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips we have to talk to seriously anyone. Small talk defeated!


Here’s the ultimate secret: People like to talk about themselves. Duh, right? Once you realize this, you can really use it to your convo-starter advantage. The key to a flowing convo is just plain letting the other person talk about themselves. Usually, once you get them started, they’re good to go, and if you’re lucky, they’ll ask a few questions back, too.


To go with the former, you can’t ask great questions without sounding like a cold unfeeling robot if you aren’t listening. Take the time to hear and reflect on what the other person is saying so that you can respond with heart. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who you can tell is waiting for you to stop talking so they can add their take.


The first two are your go-to tips. This is a personal preference: try not to talk about the weather, unless it’s, A.) a legitimately stellar day, unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or, B.) there’s a literal blizzard/hurricane/etc. happening, in which case, your convo should be about getting out of there, girl!  Otherwise, talking about the weather is just so cliché that it really does nothing to bridge the gap between you and another person: it comes off as plastic and unattached. Asking questions and getting to know the person you’re talking to is the best way to get a conversation flowing!

What are your tips for small talk? Leave them in the comments below, and put your skills to the test meeting new friends on Hey! VINA!

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  1. I like to ask deep, insightful questions but I’m often so disheartened to find that so many people don’t really think “that deep” and the responses are usually, “Oh wow, I’ve never thought about that before…” Really? So what do people think about?!


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