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Fail-proof tips for finding your bestie her (other) special someone!

When you’ve got a friend in your life that needs a bit of romantic lovin’ it’s only natural to want to help them find a special someone. However, playing matchmaker can be tricky business and as genuine as your intentions may be, there are a few things to consider before you start peddling your gal pal to every potential candidate that crosses your path.

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Firstly, has the friend in mind even told you that they’re looking to date? Or have you taken it upon yourself to decide that 3 years of singledom is too long? We all need to do things in our own time and sometimes it takes years to get over a breakup and be ready to meet someone new.

If your bestie is open to being set up, try to get an idea of what it is she is looking for and make sure that’s compatible with the potential bae you’re setting her up with. If one party is only after a casual fling and the other is looking for something more meaningful, someone is going to get hurt and things might get a little awkward. So keep intentions in mind!

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Unless both parties are bold enough for you to facilitate a blind date, invite them to a low-key event where they can meet with plenty of social buffers, such as after-work drinks, a summer BBQ, or some other kind of group hang. Once you’ve introduced them, your work here is done and you can leave them to it! As much as you might want a full debrief, try not to interrogate them. Over-analysis is the thief of rational thinking. Also try to refrain from comments about how totes adorbs their children would be. One step at a time.

Whatever the outcome, it’s not on you to judge them or the situation. The real work of a matchmaker is in planting the seed, slowly backing away, and knowing that the best magic happens on it’s own.

(Feature image via @uolousiana)

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