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This is Taboo Topic Tuesday! This is a new weekly series where we will tackle a “taboo” subject and give you tips on how to talk about it with your vinas (sans judgement). Have an idea for a topic? Tweet us @ilikevina and we’ll get talkin’!

Honestly, I’ve never understood why it is so taboo to talk about money with your friends. Your friends are the people you probably spend most of your free time (and expendable income) with. Because of this, there are countless situations in which you may end up needing to talk about money. Planning group trips, wanting to adjust your budget when going out, or negotiating your salary for a new job (and needing advice!) are just a few examples.

Needing to chat about money with your vinas doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable conversation. Here are my tips for keeping any kind of money talk comfy, open, and simple:


Let’s say you know your friend is an A+ saver, and you want to learn how she budgets her expenses. Compliment her frugality without insulting her salary. Sit her down and explain your situation – you lost your job, you want to save up for something special, etc. Tell her you’ve noticed how wise she is with her finances, and simply ask her for advice! As long as you keep the conversation about your finances (and not hers), you shouldn’t have to worry about insulting her.


There are soooo many situations in which you may need to talk to your vinas about cutting back on expenses. Maybe you lost your job, are switching careers, entering new motherhood, or moved into a more expensive apartment. The list goes on and on. Sometimes, even though we’ve become used to having a certain expendable income every month, we find ourselves wanting or needing to cut back. The reason you may need to discuss this with your vinas is because you’re probably spending the majority of your expendable income with them: on dinners, at bars, at movies or concerts, and Boozy Brunch!

If you need to start cutting back, you’ll probably want to tell your friends. This way, if you have to skip said Boozy Brunch every other week, they know why and don’t think you’re just flaking on them for no reason. Just remember that you don’t have to be embarrassed about needing to cut back. Simply explain your situation and let them know you may not be going out as much. Your ride-or-dies will definitely understand. Your true friends will probably offer to bring the party to you.


This is probably the most likely to occur out of all the different scenarios. When planning a trip with one or more of your vinas, you have to choose your travel buddies wisely. One major thing to think about is travel budget. It’s going to be hard to travel with vinas who have completely different budgets or spending expectations unless you’re willing to compromise. Before making any official plans, make sure you and your friends are all on the same page budget-wise. If you need to plan a discount trip (or if you want to travel in luxury), make sure your vinas are aware of that ahead of time.

These are just a few examples of situations where you might need to talk money. Do you have any additional advice for how to make these conversations less cringe-worthy? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to tweet us your ideas for a future Taboo Topic.

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