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LA knows how to throw a brunch party!

There are few things that bring me more genuine joy than brunching with my friends. Except maybe being at brunch and getting pix of vinas who met on Hey! VINA at brunch together! And that’s exactly what happened to me this weekend. Planning group get togethers with your VINA matches is more than super efficient, it’s also a a great way to break the ice, and get even more connected.

Mega-babe Fahreen in LA organized an awesome rooftop brunch this past weekend in Hollywood at Mama Shelter with eleven gals from Hey! VINA – and they all had a BLAST!

Image uploaded from iOS (11)

Since starting to organize LA vina group parties, Fahreen’s discovered a great trick: “If you plan a fairly large get together, you can usually find a place that will do a group discount! It will save you all some money and make the girls more inclined to come!” I love a good deal too, Fahreen. 

“The meet up was so successful that I am already planning two more events”

The sunshine showered rooftop brunch was a total idyllic setting for these vinas to meet for their first time. The brunch crew was awesomely diverse in backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles, too! It made for great conversation, and everyone got along so well.

Fahreen tells us, “All but one of us are transplants, and we definitely talked about how we enjoyed VINA much more than Meetup/Bumble BFF.” Nice, we’ll take it! 😉

IMG_1309All in all it was another day in LA paradise, and we’re so stoked to see the LA vinas community is growing and thriving! “The meet up was so successful that I am already planning two more events and almost everyone that showed up will be coming to the next one! We even decided to start a book club and a couple of the girls went on a hike on Memorial Day with their spouses!” said Fahreen.

Sounds like so much fun, we can’t wait to hear about the next event! I think I heard it was going to be yoga with cats?! YASS. In LA and want to join in these fun activities? Get swiping and hope you get matched with the amazing Fahreen! 💖

Did you plan an awesome vina date or group event? Send us some pics to get featured on The VINAZINE! 


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