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Yesterday we gave you the playlist, today we give you the map! 🌞🚗

There is surely something in the air come summertime that beckons us all from the warmth of our homes and whispers go in our ear. It is a time of planning, a time of travel, and a time self-exploration. One of the greatest ways to do all three is to set out on the road. With time for reflection, conversation, and the never ending change of scenery, road tripping is the ideal way to jump start your summer travels. Below is a list of some of the most celebrated ways and routes around the world to get you excited. You can also read our previous list of not to miss American Road trips here, and check out our essential road trip music playlist here!

“Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you”


This relatively short jaunt is perfect whether you’ve only got the weekend or an entire week to kill. The space between these two epic destinations is filled with quaint adorable towns, hikes, waterfalls, and beaches some of us have only seen in our dreams. Schedule yourself a few Airbnb’s or rent a van and sleep beachside. Be sure not to miss the adorable town of Bellingen just a few hours south of Byron, it’s straight of a fairy tale and there is an incredible local brewery. Ask the locals for directions to The Promise Land and find yourself a watering hole to swim in.

sam-wheeler-2304CALIFORNIA: L.A. TO BAJA

Going to Mexico doesn’t always mean living that resort life. I’m think sandy beaches, homemade tortillas, and glassy perfect little waves. I haven’t been yet but next month I am tagging along on a surf trip to Baja (I don’t surf). But I do hear there are all sorts of beach shacks for rent and super cheap beer and tacos. I’ll be packing a typewriter, a few swimsuits and little else for the excursion. This is definitely a trip to be done with Vina’s in tow, and be sure as always to be super careful.

kyle-cesmat-99929OREGON: COASTAL RIDE

Oregon is a rich chunk of land. Honestly I could spend months exploring those forests and hot springs, waterfalls, and inlets of that coastline. In my opinion the best way to venture this area is much like the 1 in California, but here it’s the 101 and it also hugs the coast and offers you endless views, spots to camp, and incredible towns to check out.  A few things not to miss along the way: The Tillamook Cheese Factory (I mean, because it’s cheese), Cannon Beach (it’s super popular but you’ll understand why when you get there), Portland, and Bagby Hot Springs (which isn’t on the way at all but I think totally worth the 67-mile drive east from Portland). Be sure to take it slow and enjoy the crisp air up there, rather than trying to cram everything in.


This kind of trip can be adapted to wherever you are living, and whatever sort of time you have on your hands. The idea is that you set out in search of the best roadside diners, or the best French toast, or cup of coffee. This kind of road trip is a roll of the dice, and you make yourself available to the adventure and whatever strangeness might come your way. Also, if your strapped for cash can can’t necessarily make it somewhere epic, you can at least have a lot of fun.


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Do as the dead heads once did and follow your favorite band on tour. Not only will this guarantee you some non-stop fun, and quirky weird small towns, but you also have a laid out itinerary set for you. My advice would be not to pick some huge act that is selling out arenas, because it will be much of the same thing every night, and honestly who can afford that. Rather pick a local band or some hometown hero you really like. Check out my previous post of must-see touring women this year!

Happy travels lovelies! Wherever it is you decide to go be sure to keep your eyes on the road, your hearts open, and take lots and lots of pictures for us!!!

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