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Whether you're a local or a tourist, these are the perfect spots for a vina date!

Ahh Amsterdam- it may be tremendously popular with tourists, but this city still manages to be one of the most underrated capitals. It’s always all about NYC or Paris, but let me tell you, Amsterdam will keep your heart. There’s no better way to explore all that Amsterdam has to offer than alongside a new vina!

If you’re in the mood for coffee- let’s be real, when are we not in the mood for coffee? Check out KOKO, a little coffee shop that features art, fashion, and books! Not only do they serve delightful vegan options, but the ambiance is the perfect blend of quirky and inviting.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.14.36 AM
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In general, Amsterdam is on point with its brunch game, so it’s really hard to pick one spot! However, these eggs bennies at la Gartine should speak for themselves!


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Westerpark is a beautiful place to kick back and relax. You’ll find locals riding their bikes or enjoying picnics, so it’s a great spot to just enjoy the fresh air and people watch.


Bicicletas y caleidoscopio de ocres, rojos y amarillos = #otoño2016 #otoñoenamsterdam😍😍 #hacefrioperosonrio #amsterdamwest #amsterdam #westerparkamsterdam #instanature #instaautumn #herfst #bomen #iloveamsterdam❤️ #amsterdamlife #postcardfromamsterdamxxx
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After a fun day of exploring, grab dinner at De Reiger! It’s perfect to take your new vina because it’s not a tourist spot, you’ll be among locals in the Jordaan District.


Hibernating Amsterdam. #visitingclients #dereiger #amsterdam #dutchwinter
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Since you can’t leave Amsterdam without adventuring the nightlife, hit up Door 74 for drinks! Not only do they serve mind-blowing cocktails, but the vibes are like a charming speakeasy.
Cocktails at #door74 #amsterdam
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Last but certainly not least, Spuistraat is one of the coolest streets in Amsterdam in the world. Chock full of diverse street art, you will be blown away by all the amazing murals! Plus this street is full of historic buildings and shopping!


Colorful brick street and building#amsterdam🇳🇱 #art🎨 #amazing #brickstreet #fineartprint #spuistraat
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Of course when it comes to Amsterdam, the possibilities for you and your vina are endless, but there you have it: the perfect Amsterdam Hey! VINA date!
What are your fave spots to go with your vina in Amsterdam? Tell us in the comments!

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