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Be the confidence fairy and spread good vibes to all your friends!

Life wouldn’t be the same without our friends. We love them! They’re all amazing individuals – at least from our point of view, otherwise they wouldn’t be our friends. But sometimes they don’t think as highly about themselves as we do.

Here are a few tips on how to help your bestie find her confidence, if she’s feeling a little less worthy of greatness than she truly is.


People with low self-esteem often compare themselves to others. They see everyone else’s “perfect” lives on social media. It’s easy to get FOMO while browsing through everyone else’s amazing pics on Instagram. Seriously, all my Insta-friends seem to be on holiday ALL the time! But here’s the thing. Nobody thinks of how much effort a person spends to get that perfect shot and how many filters they apply. Help your friend distinguish reality from fiction, and show her how amazing her own life is! Helping her discontinue to put others on a pedestal will allow her to stop comparing her life to others’.


We all have these very successful friends who succeed in their career, relationships, and social life with complete ease (or seemingly without conflict). Of course, we are proud of them and happy for their achievements. But again, people with a low self-esteem like to compare themselves to others. They tend to see themselves as less successful.

Teach your friend how a friends’ success is also her success (unless both went to apply for the same job…but that’s a different story). And if she starts to drag herself down because she didn’t achieve something, show her wrong! Take her out for champagne and celebrate the success she has achieved so far. May it be a big thing, like a new job, or a small thing, like her finally being able to decide what she wants for dinner. Celebrate her!


Whatever the reason you decided to become friends with this special gal in the first place: Tell her what you love about her! A genuine, “You’re amazing!” does wonders. If you point out what exactly it is that makes her amazing, you’ll make her day!

Be it her humour, her ability to get the party started, or because she is the most reliable person in the world. Just tell your friend how great she is.

Just because a friend has a low self-esteem, doesn’t mean that she can’t achieve anything. Keep showing her that you believe in her! That’s what friends are for. 

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