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Hey Detroit ladies! Blanking on an activity to do with your friends? We've got you covered.

As a native Detroiter, I’m insanely protective of the city and sometimes I think it my responsibility to show people that there’s so much more it has to offer. What do you know of Detroit? Think outside of the bad reputation, the loaded mis-judgement on behalf of a lot of people both in and outside of the city. Instead, think of a lively art scene, amazing restaurants, bustling local shops and consider this your formal invitation to explore Detroit.  I’ll get you started with these cute vina date ideas!


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If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of wine, play pretend boujee or impersonate Scandal’s Olivia Pope look no further than the various wineries in Detroit. House of Pure Vin promises that, if you’re like me curious to learn more about wine, it’s one of the best places to go and learn. They host events often and they’re wine tastings are always fun!


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One of my favorite things about Detroit is the local art scene – from music like it’s Motown days to the murals lining Eastern Market – it’s one of the most amazing and beautiful things the city has to offer. I encourage you to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts, but maybe take a day away and pay The Baltimore Gallery a visit. Located in Midtown near Wayne State University, it’s an open art space for creatives from all over. Poetry slams, parties, black tie galas and themed exhibits, there’s always something new to be seen there.  There’s also the Heidelberg project, an open air art installation that transformed a neighborhood into an exhibit with a beautiful mission to inspire people to look to artistic expression to improve the community. Definitely something that warrants a visit as the weather warms up!


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The Belt is so much more than just an alley downtown.  Located between Gratiot and Broadway street in downtown Detroit, it’s the place to be. You can go here to admire the murals and art installations, grab a drink at The Skip or food at Standby. The last time I had a girls day downtown we randomly walked through The Belt  where we grabbed drinks, checked out art and got to enjoy a free performance by rapper Lupe Fiasco.


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In the colder months it’s an ice skating rink and in the warmer ones it’s transformed into a beach. Live music, food trucks, drinks and smores. No matter the season, Campus Martius has plenty to offer.


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Grab a bike, a skateboard or maybe you go for a walk with your vinas at the Dequindre Cut! The Dequindre Cut is an recreational path below street-level greenway that features lanes for pedestrians and bike riders. It runs from Gratiot to Mack Ave and takes you through Detroit’s Eastern Market. Make a Saturday or Sunday morning into a cute, health-driven vina date. Take a nice walk and then hit the market for fresh produce.

This is just a short list of cool vina date ideas in Detroit and only includes Downtown and Midtown. Detroit is a big city, just imagine what else you could do if you stepped outside of Downtown for a day and just kept exploring!

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