You got this!

College babes, we know how stressful the last part of your year can be. Seniors are looking to get through finals and start a new job. Freshmen are wondering how the eff they can do three more years of this. And no one can focus when summer is on the horizon. But trust us, you CAN hunker down and reach the last-semester finish line like the goddess you truly are!

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Okay, so you’ve been making to-do lists all year. Your bullet journal is pristine. But if anything, this is the time to keep up the habit or to get started if you haven’t already! It’s easy to let things slip by when you’re looking forward to vacation. Try breaking big ticket items like “Finish thesis paper” into smaller, more manageable tasks. That way, no matter how hard the senioritis hits you (and trust us, you don’t have to be a senior for it to hit you), you can keep feeling like you’re accomplishing things. Plus, this might prevent you from looking at your to-do list and realizing that “Finish thesis paper” is the only item you haven’t checked off, and it’s due tomorrow!


This is key — it may seem possible to run on nothing but willpower and caffeine for the last few weeks of school, but that will probably leave you feeling worse off than before. We’re not saying you have to eat quinoa every day or bathe in Moroccan oils, but try to fit eating regular meals and working out once in awhile into your end-of-year schedule (or put them on your to-do list!).

Spring also means warmer weather, so try to replace the fluorescent light of the library with actual sunlight! There are a ton of spots on campus outdoors where you can still get WiFi, I promise.


Finals may be coming up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being at school — after all, you only have four years of it (that sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t)! Grab a few friends and try to dedicate at least one night a week to doing something fun around campus.

The important part is that you have something to look forward to after a long week of studying. Maybe that’s your normal party scene, or your usual bar, or maybe it’s something new, like a show or an open mic. My last semester I went to a poetry slam and ended up being a judge (and trust me — I know nothing about poetry). Making memories is probably the best way to combat stress as the semester winds down.

Persevere and power through, vinas! P.S. Find a study buddy to help you follow through!

(Feature image via @cfashionista)

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