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If you're already thinking about probably means you're ready.

If you are already considering moving to a new city, that is reason enough to go for it. I believe if you have that flicker in you, that willingness, that courage to do it (even if you think you don’t) then you should. It’s one of those tarot card moments where they tell you, nothing ventured nothing gained. I think if I did a reading for you right now it would say exactly that. And if you don’t believe me, here are a few more reasons it’s the best idea you’ve had this year…


A new city means in the most fundamental ways, a new life, and if you’d like, a new you. People will tell you that wherever you go there you are, and its cliché way of reminding you that your issues will follow you. And that’s true… but it’s also not. A new city gives you a physical distance and perspective that might be needed to sort through some of that, um, baggage.


You might love your friends, but maybe it’s time to widen the breadth of your circle. Maybe all your friends moved away, or got married, or joined CrossFit, and things just aren’t like they were. Feel like the last person sitting at the table? Grab a new table. Not to mention if you’re trying to meet a new special someone, a fresh dating pool won’t hurt.


While there might be a lot you’re leaving behind, let’s focus on all the awesomeness you’re going to find and all the sparkly new things that will inspire you to do and create amazing things in your new life. You’ll try new things, see new art, hear new music, and eventually, you’ll find a regular coffee shop with a new barista who knows your (old) coffee order by heart.


Moving to a brand new place is going to come with its challenges. I know that seems like a good reason to not move, but it’s really the opposite. It will be a formative growth session for you in the way that is only possible when we thrust ourselves into the unappreciable, the scary, and the difficult. You will be twice the woman because of it, trust me.

It’s a bold choice, but one you will not regret. I’ve relocated three times to new cities, one of which included a move to Idaho where I knew not a single soul, and guess what…it was the best thing I ever did. And I know I’m not alone. Share with us some of your bold moves and lend some courage to those out there thinking it might be there time to put it all in a box and start over!

(Feature image via @mija_mija)


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