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Words are not enough to express what we have to say.


It seems too simple to just say, thank you, as if those words might somehow cover the ground in which they come from. How do I thank you for the many millions of different things you have done for me?

I want start by saying thank you for bringing me into this life, for creating a home for me within your body, and for sacrificing in ways I cannot yet understand your own person to make me so. I quite literally owe you my life.

I think at a younger age I might not have fully understood that you were anything other than my mother, because that role, that part of you, seemed to take up so much space and it was for so long the only way I knew you. But, as I have become my own person I have been able to see that before I arrived you had an entire life, and heartache, and happiness, and late nights, and shitty jobs, and half furnished apartments, and lovers, and a million other things I cannot point to– thank you for sharing your life with

You have shaped me in every way and the best parts of me are you. Your lessons have seeped into me and made me the kind of person I am today, and I owe you everything for this. You are infused into everything I do from the way I make a sandwich to how carefully weigh my decisions. I cannot even begin to dissect how much of me has been made in your likeness. I would not be the same person without your sensibility, your style, your love of music and thoughts on the world.

I know I was not always an easy person to be near, and there were those teenage years in which I am sure you sometimes did not recognize me. As much as I want to thank you, I fear I have just as much to apologize for, but we are both only human. Thank you for sticking it out with me.

I know being my mother is only one of the many things you have been in this life, but I hope you know it has been the most vital to mine. Thank you seems too thin a word, so please take this rest of these to back it up. I love you, and Happy Mother’s Day.



Share this with your mom and tell her just how much you love her!

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