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Learning leads to understanding and appreciating - which is a huge plus in any friendship.

I’m agnostic, and I love learning about different religions.

I grew up in an atheistic household, but I was encouraged to be open to other religions and to pick one to follow if I’d like. I have vinas of all different types of religions, and this unique perspective has given me the opportunity to be open minded to the practices that they follow. Whether you agree with the practices or not, learning about your friend’s religions can introduce you to a more cultural perspective. If you have the chance to experience a religion different than your own, you should absolutely take it!

Whether you are religious or not, it is a fact that a large number of events in history have been influenced by religion. Religion has the ability to drive people and give them the motivation to make a difference in their lives. Religious groups have numbers of benefits, and it’s really interesting to see the teachings of different communities. These groups aim to bring people together and to better the communities around them. Religion has the power to unite a fire under people with a common mission. You may or may not agree with the messages being sent, but it is still important to try to understand ideas from their perspective. You might find a unique perspective you had not considered before.

Plus, attending religious events with friends is the best way to learn more. You should never do anything you are uncomfortable with, but attending an event with a friend may help you become more familiar with the customs, so you can follow along more easily. Many religions may have particular rules of how a tradition is run, and it helps to have a friend so you don’t make a faux paux.

There is a lot of stereotyping around what different religions believe, and the best way to break down those misunderstandings is to talk to your vinas of a different religion. Be open to a discussion regarding what they believe in; don’t make any assumptions regarding what they practice. Going with them to their religious institution or celebrating an event with them may teach you something new about your friend, and bring you closer together.

Even as an agnostic individual, I still consider religion to be extremely sacred. There’s something so moving about its ability to drive passion into people, and to teach you values about life.

Whether you agree with certain practices or not, it is important to treat all religions with respect. Let people practice what they want, and even if you disagree with them you should listen to what they have to say.

History shows religion is incredibly powerful and can influence the way people behave. Learning more about a friend’s religion can help build your empathy and ability to put yourself in their shoes. Whether you are religious or not, it’s necessary to recognize how important religion can be to others, and along the way, experiencing religions different to your own can bring you even closer to those around you.

Have you tried learning about a friend’s religious beliefs? Share your experiences down below!

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  1. You’re definitely right.
    I have different friends with different religious backgrounds. We’ve grown to understand more and even connect more.
    At first we were avoiding talking about it but I was really open to know more about their religion and with time we started to talk for hours and hours. The thing is we connected in similarities.. It was all completing each other… As if it was a heavenly huge message divided into different books with different languages.

    Well, I know that not everyone is open to spiritual knowledge like that. But it’s really a pretty good experience and eyes opening.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I hope you find your path to spirituality.

    Love and light 🙂

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