Motherhood Thrive


Easy, but thoughtful gifts for the best moms out there (AKA all of them).

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  This means it’s time to show our mom’s some affection whether we’re spending time with them, sending them a phone call or buying them a fun gift.  But what do you buy for the women who helped mold us into the Vina’s that we are today? Here are some awesome gift ideas for all of the mom’s everywhere!


Taking your mom out to her favorite restaurant is always a great time. You could even hit up that new brunch spot you saw the other day.  But why not take your moms love of food and mix it with her love of bonding time with you? Grab a reservation to a cooking class that the both of you can enjoy! Learn how to make a new food and maybe find a new hobby for the both of you.


It’s so important to stay active!  If you have an active mom who likes to walk, run, bike or just work it out then grab her a new fitness tracker.  The Fitbit or Apple Watch are perfect to pair up with your mom and can be completely customizable to someones unique style and activity habits.  You can totally up that gift by throwing in a yoga class for two and namaste together.


Selfie time!  Grab your mom some new accessories including an attachable camera lens that fits right on your phones camera.  Not only will you take crazy quality photos, but you can make them fun by using a mini fish eye lens.  Family pictures just got ten times better.


Build your own indoor terrariums.  This is another awesome gift that you two can make together.  All you need is a fun planter or glass terrarium case, and some cute succulents.  Put in some dirt and arrange your plants however you like.  You can even add some flowers, stones and crystals.  Not only do they look crazy awesome when they’re done, but what’s more unique than a “living” gift?


Keep it classic this mother’s day.  Two of my favorite go-to gifts are always a hit with my mom whose favorite present is me!  Get your mother an updated family photo in a killer frame for her to show off to all of her friends.  You could even do a reenactment of a photo you had from when you were a kid to make it fun.  And you can always make a heartfelt card.  Nothing says “I love you” like a cute note in a handmade card.

What are you getting/making your mother for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments down below! 

(Feature image via Carissa Gallo)

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